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Back-to-School 2022: How to Ace Your TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign

August 2, 2022
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The 2022 back-to-school shopping season is here, and it’s bigger than ever! In fact, back-to-school spending is expected to reach a new high, up to $34.4 billion for K-12 students and $28.3 billion for college students.

If you’re looking to take a piece of the pie this back-to-school season, you need to lean into TikTok influencer marketing. TikTok’s predominant user base of Gen Zers makes it the perfect place to connect with students and drive back-to-school sales.

View this presentation to learn:

  • The state of back-to-school shopping in 2022
  • Actionable TikTok strategies for back-to-school season
  • TikTok campaign examples
  • And more

Additionally, make sure to join our Slack community, The Coffee Shop, to participate in our live Q&A session following the webinar.


Headshot of Magda Houalla

Magda Houalla

Senior Director of Strategy, Aspire

Headshot of Allie Arnott

Allie Arnott

Senior Campaign Manager, Aspire

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