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Aspire shows you who your top creators are so you can invite them to your ambassador program

Why brand ambassadors?

Ambassadors are valuable to brands because of their ability to authentically educate, engage, and excite their community about your brand. What makes ambassadors distinct from other influential groups is that they act as an extension of your team, they educate their community about your products at a more regular cadence and genuinely love your product which consumers pick up on.

Stella & Chewy’s use brand ambassadors and product reviews to drive 665% ROI on their campaign.

5 steps to ambassador campaign success

Using Aspire to identify the top creators in your campaigns
Step 1

Find & invite

Identify 15-20 top performing creators from previous campaigns in the campaign performance dashboard. Find new similar ambassadors through our Influencer Search Engine by creating a lookalike audience. Finally, easily invite them to join your program.
Use Aspire to customize and send creator terms
Step 2

Create brief & send terms

Create terms for the first 3 months of deliverables with all of the necessary do’s and don’ts included–3 months is enough time to test, while also giving you an option to reassess when the 3 months is over. Aspire’s brief templates and ability to bulk send terms will save you hours!
Creating a custom workflow on Aspire
Step 3

Nurture relationships
from day one

Get to know your ambassadors before the collaboration begins. Add a step to virtually meet & greet your new ambassadors in the custom workflows and capture all notes from your conversation in your influencer CRM.
See how well your content is performing in the Aspire platform
Step 4

Watch content roll in

If this is your first time working with an ambassador, analyzing content as it is posted in the Aspire content analytics dashboard is a great way to see who is the right partner for your brand. Remember that repeat exposure is usually needed for a brand message to land, so give the creator some time to see results you can trust.
Use Aspire's impact dashboard to track campaign performance
Step 5

Test & reinvest

By now you should have an idea which ambassadors work best for your brand by reviewing and creating reports from our ROI dashboard. Select your top performers and invite them to join your Q3 program.  
Kara Salazar Headshot

European Wax Center

Brand ambassadors are becoming more pivotal. With influencer marketing becoming such a beast, ambassadors end up coming off as more authentic to whatever brand they are promoting… Aspire is heaven-sent for helping you see a single campaign’s success and also viewing all campaigns holistically.

Kara Salazar
Manager of Social Media & Influencer Marketing

European Wax Centre turns top creators into long term ambassadors on Aspire

Ambassador Marketing Tools On Aspire

Find new ambassadors with ease

Aspire is the only influencer marketing platform that has both an Influencer Search Engine and a Creator Marketplace, to make finding influencers a breeze.

Turn customers into ambassador

See which customers already have a social following and invite them to join your program.

Contact new ambassadors at scale

Bulk send briefs, terms and other transactional emails so you can spend your time building actual relationships.

Create flexible campaign workflows

Never miss an email or forget to follow up, create campaign workflows to stay on top of your to-do list.

Ambassador CRM

Keep track of birthdays, addresses and other important information in our CRM.

Measurement & insights

See engagement metrics & other performance insights before you invite them to be an ambassador