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16 Influencer Marketing Email Templates

16 Influencer Marketing Email Templates

Streamline communication with ready-to-go templates. Plug in your details and fire away!

Do you feel like you live in your inbox? You’re not alone. Save time and keep communication consistent with easy-to-personalize email templates.

In this guide, we’ve laid out pre-written templates for influencers at various stages of your campaign or relationship — from total strangers to people you’ve already collaborated with before. Form new partnerships, catch up with previous collaborators, get your product in the right hands, and prepare to reach a bigger, more engaged audience.

This eBook includes templates for reaching out to:

  • A brand new influencer
  • An influencer who’s already familiar with you
  • Inviting a top customer to be a brand ambassador
  • Following up on shipping your product
  • Follow ups after no response

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