Campaign Strategies

Anyone can influence another to purchase your product. We make it easy for you to tap into that influence at scale.
Step 1

Drive Influencer Sales

Turn creators, customers and influencer communities into your brands best sales people.
Step 2

Grow Brand Awareness

Whether you’re entering a new market or launching a new product line, Aspire enables brands to scale awareness through influencers and creators.

Step 3

Go Viral on TikTok

Find well-aligned TikTok creators to create a #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt moment for your brand.

Step 4

Run Influencer Ads

Boost content that is performing well or run allowlisting campaigns through our Meta partnership.
Step 5

Ambassador Marketing

Build a community of ambassadors to share your brand’s story and authentically promote your products
Step 6

Affiliate Marketing

Reward your top performing creators based on performance. Create incentives for the partners who drive sales and make payouts within one platform.
Step 7

Product Seeding

Product seeding (aka product gifting) can be an effective strategy for brand growth if done right. Learn how on Aspire.

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