Run High-Performing Influencer Ads

Brands on Aspire can easily turn creator assets into high-performing ads through our direct integration with Meta.
How It Works

The only authentic integration

As the only influencer marketing platform to partner directly with Facebook for authentic allow listing, avoid getting penalized for using third-party “workarounds.”
    Use Aspire's branded content ad feature to seamlessly request ad access
    Native Integration

    Run campaigns without leaving Aspire

    A simple connection between Facebook Ads Manager and Aspire centralizes your creators and streamlines the granting and revoking access process.
      Content usage rights are atomically built into creator terms within Aspire
      Content Usage Rights

      Easily request content usage rights

      Build permissions directly into your contract negotiations from day one.
        Track campaign performance with Aspire's impact dashboard

        Measure top performing content

        Measure campaign performance and boost or promote content that is performing well.