Meta x Aspire

As a Meta Business Partner, we’re dedicated to working closely alongside the team at Meta to bring you the best tools and strategies to scale your influencer program and maximize the impact of every campaign. 
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Aspire's Meta integration lets you effortlessly turn you top content into high performing ads
Partnership Ads

Turn creator content into high-performing ads

Through our direct integration with Meta, Aspire makes it easier than ever to request advertiser rights from creators, set the terms of the agreement, and monitor performance.
    Send DMs to creator's priority inbox directly through Aspire
    Instagram Direct Messaging

    Reach creators where they are without opening Instagram

    With Aspire’s Instagram Direct Messaging feature, brands can send DMs to a creator’s priority inbox directly through the Aspire platform. Improve response rate, send bulk DM messages, and increase campaign ROI - all while centralizing communications. 
      Post your campaign in Aspire's creator marketplace and watch creators apply
      Instagram Reels

      Source creator’s who are experts at producing Reels

      Video content is king. Post in Aspire’s Creator Marketplace to get in front of 1 million+ creators, share a concept for the Reel you’d like to see, and review all content before it goes live.
        Aspire's creator search feature allows you to find the perfect fit for you campaign
        Robust Instagram Search

        First-party access to Instagram creator data

        Vetting high-quality influencers is a breeze with Aspire. View data-rich influencer profiles to vet engagement rate, audience demographics, and more.

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