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Creator Spolight: Céline

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Creator Spotlight of the Week: Céline (@celineschh)

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

"My name is Céline, I just turned 24 and I live in Belgium. I come from a warm loving family and got an older brother and sister. My boyfriends’ name is Nick and we’ve been together for 6 years now. I studied social work and also got a teacher degree. I’m currently working as a teacher in primary school, which I enjoy because I love working with kids. Besides that I’m off course very active in the social media world;). I love to travel, try out new beauty tips and tricks and go hunting for the latest items in fashion. I’m in love with taking pictures and sharing them with my lovely followers."

What inspired you to start Statement Paradise?

"I’ve started statement paradise with my best friend because we’ve always enjoyed fashion and things that revolve around that. We had so many common interests an decided to start a blog where we could share our passion for fashion, food, travel, body and a healthy lifestyle. Currently our blog is less active because we’re working on a whole new project. We will probably create a new blog and lots of other exciting things are about to happen! At the end of august we will reveal our master plan;)"

How would you describe your Instagram channel?

"I would describe it as a place where I can share things I’m very passionate about and interact with people that share that same interest.I hope by posting my pictures online I can inspire others but just as much I am Inspired by a lot of other instagrammers. I usually post about fashion, fitness, health, food, family and my travels. I try to post about happy things and motivate others to create some kind of positivity in their lives."

What advise would you give your followers who want to increase their own following?

"I would advise them to never start an account based on the fact that you want to have a large amount of followers.. You just always start by love what your doing. If you love taking pics of the things you’re passionate about and sharing those things with others, than great! You should definitely do that. If you’re doing something that you love, people will notice you and you will get followers! A tip I can give is make sure your pics have a certain quality, search the light and be original! There’s only one of you so take advantage of that;)"

Tell us about some brands you have loved working with on Aspire?

"I’ve worked with brands like skull cashmere, fashion nova, mvmtwatches, celebrityfashionlookbook. it was all a very lovely collaboration! I love the products these companies have and so did my followers;)"

To learn more about Céline and her upcoming project, follow @celineschh.

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