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Image Search Comes to Aspire

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Like an influencer’s content? Upload it to Aspire and find more just like it.

Despite the massive popularity of influencer marketing, there’s an even more exciting trend that smart marketers everywhere are starting to embrace—influencer generated content. While influencer marketing works extremely well, the content that influencers produce is proving to be just as valuable. Influencer generated content performs better on channels like Facebook Ads compared to its studio shot cousin.

Why we built image search

At Aspire, we stress to our customers that one of the most important factors in selecting an influencer to work with is the content they create. (Shout out to Aspire customer Kristin Sword at Greats for doing an amazing job of this. Check out their feed here).In the past, if a marketer saw an image that they liked, they would have to search hashtags and keywords in an attempt to find more content like it. As you can imagine, trying to find similar content based on just a few keywords doesn’t work very well. Visual content is nuanced, and it can’t be quantified in just a few terms.

How Aspire image search works

Using image search couldn’t be any easier.1. Upload an image. This flexible option is great for when you have a saved “inspiration folder” on your computer. This could contain images from your Instagram feed, or any inspiring piece of content.2. Or, just click the heart in the top right corner of an image in your content library to begin a search based on the photos you like.3. After adding an image, Aspire searches through other influential profiles to find other images that are similar to what you’ve searched for.4. Now that you’ve found influencers who create the type of content that works for your brand, you can quickly browse their content, view follow count, audience demographics, etc. and immediately invite them to your campaign, or send them a message.By closing the loop in the visual world, you get more focused results faster. If you have a stockpile of images that you know perform well or that perfectly align with your brand’s aesthetic, you can now source more like them in no time.Social media managers, content marketers, and everyone in between can save the time and effort associated with finding both perfect content and the influencers who can create it for you.

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