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Treat Your Social Media Collaborations Like A Great Pair of Jeans!

Table of contents
  1. Quality Over Quantity - You’re first instinct might be to collaborate with as many people as you can, but when its comes to content that really revs up your influence focusing on quality is what works
  2. Focus On Fit, But Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Styles - Focusing on a particular type of creator that fits your audience demographic a good base strategy but don’t leave out creators that break the mold because they can often be a successful surprise to ROI.
  3. Heed The Care Instructions - Using the wrong methods to take care of anything can lead to wear, tear, and despair so take out the time to create a good rapport with the influencers you’re working with and continue collaborating on great content!
  4. Get Invested! - When you find a pair of jeans that just works you wouldn’t just wear it once and be done, right? Partnering with social influencers is the same way! Don’t let go of the people that help you do an amazing job. Re-invest in those collaborations and take it as an opportunity to try new ideas.
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