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5 D2C Fashion Brands Killing Their Influencer Marketing Campaigns This Fall

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Fall. It’s a time for crunchy leaves, halloween party planning, and the infamous PSL. 

But in the fashion world, it’s also a time for ‘back-to-school’ fits, cozy sweaters and transitional dressing, making it a prime opportunity for fashion brands to inspire and entice their target audiences with brand new influencer content. 

So, who are killing their influencer marketing campaigns this fall? Here's our pick of 5 D2C fashion brands we think are the ones to follow: 

Abercrombie & Fitch - Fall Favorites 

Over the years, Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) has become known for its fall fits, with ripped jeans, flannel shirts and graphic hoodies remaining staples of the global fashion brand’s annual product lines. 

As a brand which built its success on the principles of influence (let’s not delve too far into its recent Netflix exposé), it’s not surprising that A&F has been nailing influencer marketing since the technique first began to take off. 

Now much more focused on diversity and inclusivity, the fashion brand has driven huge success with influencer marketing, partnering with mega stars such as Talia Scott (@taliascott), as well as driving wide scale brand awareness with micro-influencer focused affiliate strategies.

This fall, A&F teamed up with model and fashion influencer Chase Dexter (@chase.dexter), to launch a seasonal ‘fall favorites’ campaign, spotlighting its latest autumnal fits and on-trend pieces. 

While shooting for in-store and online creative, Chase did some of his own behind the scenes (BTS) filming, sharing his favorite looks of the campaign. This acted as a ‘teaser’ video for A&F’s channels, leading up to the launch of the new product lines a few days later. Combined with polished outtakes on Chase’s Instagram – shared with a following of 26.5K – the campaign was poised for serious reach. 

A note to brands: while filming, it’s all about the B’s… B-Roll and BTS. Look to capture both at your next shoot and you’ll be left with a heap of additional content for your content library

A post shared by Chase Dexter (@chase.dexter)

As well as generating thousands of likes across both channels, Chase’s involvement helped create consistency across the brand’s creative – appearing in both in-store and online marketing material. His status as a trendy young professional working across both LA and NYC only adds to his influence, as the ideal persona for A&F’s target audience. 

UGG Europe - #UGG Season 

A brand just as synonymous with Autumn/Winter (A/W) fashion is UGG. Despite multiple brands moving into the space with lookalike designs and product lines, UGG has successfully managed to remain at the forefront of the industry, effectively juggling its OG products with on-trend styles and designs. 

To mark the return of ugg-wearing weather, UGG has coined its fall 2022 influencer campaign #uggseason, to celebrate the return of its cozy yet fashionable footwear. This year, all eyes are on its newly-released ‘Tasman Slipper’, which has gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest, with wearers including fashion influencers Molly-Mae Hague (@mollymae), Jordan Baugh (@joandkemp) and Viviane Audi (@vivianeaudi).

Of course, this virality wouldn’t be possible without UGG’s owned influencer content too, which has included partnerships with fashion influencers Kenya Brown (@kenyabrown_) and Emma Winder (@emmaxwinder). By combining genuine product recommendations with outfit inspiration, UGG has successfully claimed 2022 fall fashion with this influencer marketing campaign.


 A post shared by Kenya Zinzi Brown (@kenyabrown_)

Urban Outfitters - Fall Feels

As a fashion trailblazer for the Gen Z and Millennial market, Urban Outfitters is perfectly placed to generate serious engagement with its influencer marketing campaigns. Its growing #UOCommunity consists of influencers of all sizes, from micro fashion influencers such as Chloe Miller (@chloetessmiller) right up to macros such as Viviane Audi (@vivianeaudi). 

To spotlight its 2022 fall collection, Urban Outfitters brought together a selection of its most long-term influencer partners for a ‘Fall Feels’ campaign. Including sponsored content on each influencer’s own channels, as well as a cumulation post on Urban Outfitter’s Instagram feed, the fashion brand successfully promoted its A/W collection to appeal to a variety of styles, preferences and occasions.


A post shared by Urban Outfitters (@urbanoutfitters)

Venus Clothing - Fall Favorites

Next in our Fall 2022 round-up: Venus Clothing. As part of the brand’s transition to fall, it partnered with fashion influencer Vannesa Moreno (@veryvannesa) to share a collection of its cozy autumn looks. Creating a video haul of new products and outfit inspiration, Vannessa shared the content with over 101K followers, accompanied by a 20% off affiliate link. 

As well as generating significant sales and engagement via Vannesa’s sponsored content, Venus was also able to repurpose the video on its own channels, sharing fall inspiration with its existing followers and further maximizing engagement.

A post shared by VANNESA (2 N’s & 1 S) (@veryvannesa)

Banana Republic

From high-achieving macro influencers to the heady heights of mega stars, luxury fashion brand Banana Republic partnered with mega influencer Blair Eadie (@blaireadiebee) to spotlight its 2022 A/W collection. 

As an advocate of bold, statement and designer pieces, Blaire was a perfect partner for this campaign, tapping directly into Banana Republic’s target audience. With a quirky ‘Style Spin’ video, Blair shared a selection of ways to style the brand’s newly-dropped blazer with her staggering 1.9 million followers.


 A post shared by Blair Eadie / Atlantic-Pacific (@blaireadiebee)

Showcasing the reach gained from this magnitude of followers, the post achieved over 40,000 likes and hundreds of comments praising the outfits. Sharing some of the highlights on its own channels, Banana Republic is giving fall inspiration that both fashion lovers and influencer marketers can truly revel in.

Looking for more inspiration for your next seasonal campaign? Check out our top tips on influencer marketing for the holidays.

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