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Aspire 2022 Product Wrap Up

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Rising ad costs, tighter budgets, and reduced headcount called for efficient, scalable strategies to increase brand awareness and drive sales. As the market reeled from the economic effects of the pandemic and inflation, Aspire was all hands on deck ready to solve some of the biggest problems brands faced in 2022. 

We’ve worked tirelessly this year to help brands do more with less - less budget, less time, less resources. 

Our team unlocked new ways to drive sales and conversions, streamline communication, and access to first-party data in influencer discovery. 

Let’s take a look!

By The Numbers

On Aspire…. 

25K creators received products in last year 

So much content was created! Tens of thousands of creators were activated for product gifting, affiliate campaigns, ambassador programs, and more. 

$9.2 million in brand sales flowed through Aspire  

From fast-growing startups like Heyday to global giants, brands of all sizes used Aspire to drive sales and optimize for revenue growth. 

100% increase in Aspire’s Creator Marketplace 

The world’s largest creator marketplace doubled in size! This means more creators than ever were looking to collaborate with brands they love, and brands had an even more diverse talent pool to receive inbound interest. 

Customer Successes

We want to call out some superstars who showed us all exactly what a high-performing influencer campaign looks like in 2022. 

Outer Increases Affiliates Sales By 2,100%  

Named the #1 Fastest Growing DTC Brand in 2020, outdoor furniture brand, Outer, found massive success in scaling their affiliate marketing program on Aspire. 

“Since onboarding in April 2021, Aspire has helped Outer increase affiliate sales by ~2100% in less than 18 months.” Shae Sattler, Partnerships and Community Marketing Manager, Outer

A post shared by Outer | Outdoor Furniture (@liveouter)

Stella & Chewy’s Works with 166 Creators for a 655% Campaign ROI 

With a focus on influencer-generated content that speaks to pet parents, Stella & Chewy’s, a premium pet food brand, tapped 166+ high-quality creators to create 4,500 pieces of content!

A post shared by Stella & Chewy's 🐶🐱 (@stellaandchewys)

Purple Drives a 386% ROI Through Aspire’s Creator Marketplace

Award-winning mattress brand, Purple, uses Aspire to find creators for their campaigns from all walks of life through our always-growing creator marketplace. 

“From mommy bloggers to YouTubers to animators, we’ve found amazing creators through the platform. I would not be able to manage a growing list of influencers without Aspire.” Misty Bond, Director of PR & Communications, Purple

A post shared by Purple (@purple)

Platform Redesign

This year our product interface got a facelift. We prioritized highlighting campaign impact and other important metrics to give you all the high-level stats you need to monitor your campaigns.

New Features 

Driving Sales / Conversions

In 2022, we wanted to equip marketers with more tools to generate and easily measure revenue from their influencer marketing campaigns.  

We launched our Allowlisting feature that gives brands advertiser-access to creator social accounts, making it easier than ever to turn influencer posts into ads seamlessly from our platform. You can boost posts and run ads through Aspire to generate measurable clicks, sales, installs, and more. 

To make it simpler to create incentives and track conversions, we revamped our Affiliate Dashboard so you can manage large scale affiliate campaigns from a centralized portal.

Finally, we launched the Impact Dashboard where you can track your brand’s impact based on content, impressions, engagement, and sales; making Aspire an even more powerful tool to optimize influencer campaigns to reach your business goals. 

Streamline Communication

We also focused on making communication through Aspire cleaner and simpler. Our new Creator Portal gives creators a single source of truth to manage all their brand relationships. There’s a Project View where influencers can see what stages of their partnership are completed and what’s outstanding - so posting deadlines never go unnoticed! 

To make it easier to collaborate with your team and creators, we launched Shared Inbox that gives all users access to view and respond to all messages directly in Aspire.  

Campaign Management

We love seeing brands scale on Aspire. And managing creators manually makes this difficult, so we launched Bulk Terms to help streamline the process by letting you send out terms to hundreds of creators at once. This trims down the manual overhead and gives you the runway to scale your campaigns without being limited by time or headcount.   

To give you a centralized view of all your campaigns, we created the Project Dashboard that highlights what needs attention, top performing posts and creators, and lets you track performance at the project level.

First-Party Data

In 2022, we also iterated on some of our existing features to make them more robust. We doubled our Creator Marketplace to create an even stronger pool of engaged creators who can apply to be a part of your campaigns. If your team is strapped for resources, this is a great way to find influencers passionate about collaborating with your brand. 

We also revamped our Member Details so that information about a creator is easily digestible in a single view. Now you don’t have to switch between screens or scroll to find context and past communications.

The best part about both the Creator Marketplace and our Member Details section is that they’re populated with first-party influencer data! So all demographic information and creator stats come straight from our direct integration with Meta. 

Ready to uplevel your campaigns with Aspire in 2023 and beyond? Get in touch with us.

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