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Brand Access Manager – What’s New at Aspire

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You’ve heard that boosting posts, or creating a paid ad from an organic post on Instagram or Facebook, is the paid social tactic to try this year. And you’re ready to reach your next marketing milestone.

Putting media spend behind influencer posts has proven to be an effective strategy to generate measurable conversions and sales, as well as increase reach and impressions. Influencer generated content (IGC) sees 8x the engagement compared to brand-directed content because it is tailor-made for social media. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb on users’ feeds, IGC gets attention for the right reasons. It’s authentic, aspirational, and extremely high-quality. And compared to brand-directed content, its scalable, high value, and high performing.

Facebook gives advertisers a plethora of targeting options that allow you to promote content to an engaged audience, including the ability to boost influencer posts directly from Facebook Ads Manager. However, without the proper workflow tools, back-and-forth communications makes asking for and gaining advertiser access from more than a handful of creators at once can become a time-intensive process. That is why Aspire is happy to announce our newest automation tool, Brand Access Manager (BAM). With Brand Access Manager, brands can seamlessly turn branded content into paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

How BAM can improve your business

If you want to double down on winning influencer content & partnerships and turn your influencer program into a scalable media strategy, BAM is a life-saver for what’s usually a very manual process.

Instagram's recent investment in features, such as Branded Content Ads, speaks to the huge value brands are seeing in influencer-generated content. Branded Content Ads allow brands to sponsor posts created by celebrities and publishers and promote them as they would their other ad efforts. Brand Access Manager is a complementary solution that builds on top of these features, giving brands more options for partnering with influencers as part of their paid social effort.

How BAM works

Here’s how to build boosted influencer posts and influencer generated content into your overall paid media strategy:

  1. Identify the top influencers in your community and the highest-engaging content among their posts.
  2. Use Brand Access Manager to automatically request the right permissions & access for those influencers.
  3. Once permissions are secured, your media team will have the ability to boost influencer content and posts seamlessly through Facebook Ads Manager!

Want to try out the new Brand Access Manager feature? Reach out to your Campaign Manager or book a demo.

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