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Speed Up Your Collaborations with Bulk Terms

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Reaching out to influencers and managing collaborations can be a tedious process — especially if your influencer marketing goal is to scale your network. 

At Aspire, our aim is to provide brands with workflow tools that streamline their influencer marketing tasks, without compromising personal touchpoints that are necessary for any relationship. 

Enter: Aspire’s Bulk Terms.

How to use Bulk Terms

Picture this: You’ve just started a new campaign for a product launch, and need to send collaboration terms to 50 influencers by the end of the week to stay on track. Or perhaps you made a “favorites” list of influencers last month that you’re finally ready to collaborate with. It would be incredibly tiresome to send collaboration terms one-by-one to dozens of influencers. 

Now, with Aspire’s Bulk Terms, you can send your collaboration terms to hundreds of creators at a time. Here’s how.

  1. Select the campaign you want to invite influencers to.
  2. Select all of your collaboration requirements from your templates. For example, this could be one Instagram Story and two Instagram feed posts.
  3. Select content due date, content usage rights, and any other content requirements you’d like to include. 
  4. Review details and select pricing. You can automatically select pricing based off of each influencer’s unique recommended pricing, or you can input your own offer. 
  5. Review total cost and send terms with the click of a button! 

Bulk Terms is available for all of our customers.

Work with 10x the influencers in a fraction of the time

Creating campaign guidelines, setting due dates, and sending payments are tedious, yet incredibly important elements of any successful influencer marketing campaign. But imagine doing that 10, 20, or even 100 times! Without the tools to streamline your process, you’d need a team of full-time employees to do what one person with Aspire can do with a few hours each week.

Creating and sending collaboration terms is probably the most time-consuming part of influencer marketing. With Bulk Terms, you can essentially work with an infinite amount of influencers in the same time that it takes you to read this blog post.

Want to see Bulk Terms in action? Book a demo.

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