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What’s new at Aspire – TikTok Campaigns

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TikTok: The content-first app that’s taken Gen Zer’s by storm in just a few years.

Although there are more than 500 million monthly active users, brands are still in the early stages of exploring all that TikTok has to offer. Last year’s Aspire State of the Industry survey found that only 5% of brands were using TikTok for influencer marketing, compared to 96.5% on Instagram. This year, a whopping 47.12% of brands say they will increase their presence on TikTok in 2021.

Although there is a strong desire build TikTok campaigns, many marketers have historically run into a few key challenges: 

  1. Limited access to the TikTok creator marketplace, making it difficult to collaborate with TikTok creators
  2. Lack of strategic expertise and analytics to build and measure the success of a campaign
  3. Lack of executional resources to run TikTok campaigns

But fret no more, Aspire is here to make your TikTok process that much easier.

We’re excited to announce a new suite of TikTok campaign management features.

TikTok campaigns made simple

Starting today, you will be able to create and manage end-to-end TikTok campaigns including creating terms, sourcing TikTokers, reviewing content, and managing payment on Aspire. Here’s how.


As with any campaign on Aspire, there are several ways to connect with creators. When you create a TikTok campaign, you can either receive TikTok proposals from the Creator Marketplace or search for creators with our Influencer Discovery Tools and invite them to your campaign.

You can use the same filterable database to narrow down your search results and find creators that meet your requirements. For example, you can search for female Tiktokers under the age of 25 with an audience mostly based in the U.S.

Regardless of if you invite people to your campaign, or leave it open for applications, you can ensure you’re picking the right partners with access to enhanced TikTok creator and audience demographic data. Each creator's profile will now include helpful insights such as creator and audience location and gender.


Managing TikTok campaigns has the same process as other networks. We have updated the campaign and content guidelines for TikTok content. Additionally, you can create customized proposals and campaign terms as usual.

“Now that Aspire has added functionality for TikTok campaigns, European Wax Center’s social and influencer team is able to expand collaborations to creators on that platform. It makes it so much easier to have creators from TikTok apply to our campaigns instead of having to manually search through the TikTok platform. As always, Aspire helps streamline the collaboration process from term agreements to content delivery. Being able to keep track of all the content through the content library is an added bonus. Without the platform, we would be doing this manually through email and reaching out directly in creators’ DMs on TikTok.”- Kara Salazar, Social Media Manager, European Wax Center


Access TikTok campaign engagement data including likes, comments, shares, and views on your Analyze dashboard. Use this data to gather useful insights, like post or campaign engagement rate and TMV, that will improve subsequent campaigns. 

Content Library

Collect, manage, and share your TikTok videos in the Content Library. Automatically download the video shared by creators you partner with, making it easier than ever to repurpose these videos across different channels. 

Why brands should consider running campaigns on TikTok

TikTok competes directly with social media giants like Instagram and Youtube. Yet unlike other social media platforms, Tiktok users flock to the app for it’s authentic, fun, less polished videos. With this approach to content, there’s no surprise that TikTok has the highest engagement rate per post compared to all other platforms, averaging 15% compared to just 3% on Instagram

“European Wax Center’s social and influencer team feels TikTok content can often be more personal and “real” which helps increase our brand love. TikTok also allows us to target a different audience than we reach on other platforms, expanding on the potential for new guest acquisition. We’ve seen great results with the collaborations we’ve had so far, with videos getting over 220K views and a lot of positive sentiment and engagement.”- Kara Salazar, Social Media Manager, European Wax Center

Because of this, brands’ adoption of the app has steadily picked up. And diversifying your channels is a good thing. Running campaigns on TikTok gives your brand an opportunity f to reach new audiences. In fact, 43% of TikTok users are not on Instagram. And although TikTok users do tend to lean on the younger side, users are aging up faster than any other platform with 30% of new users now over the age of 35, giving you a wide variety of demographics.

To learn more about running campaigns on TikTok, contact us today.

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