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What’s New at Aspire: Product Request Form

With our latest feature, ecommerce brands can handle ordering and product requests in Aspire rather than through individual creator emails.
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For many influencer marketers, product fulfillment can be a cumbersome task that takes up a large chunk of time on a weekly basis. From figuring out which products to send to each creator to physically shipping out the products, there are many manual steps to influencer product fulfillment. 

That’s why we built our latest addition to our existing product fulfillment workflow: Product Request Forms.

What is Aspire’s Product Request Form? 

Product Request Forms unlock the ability for creators to select the items they want for your brand’s campaign, whether it’s the perfect shade of foundation or the right size of jeans. 

Does this feature sound familiar? That’s because we launched Creator Product Selection back in February to allow Shopify brands to simplify the process of product distribution and tracking. 

Now, with Aspire’s Product Request From, non-Shopify brands also have the ability to handle ordering and product requests in Aspire rather than through individual creator emails. With the new feature, non-Shopify brands can:

  • Run scaled campaigns more efficiency: Allow creators to share links to products  within Aspire, making it easier to scale campaigns to thousands of creators.
  • Streamline collaborations with creators:  Since brands can manage all communications and collaboration tasks within Aspire, there’s less back-and-forth with creators via email.
  • Send product for reviews, content, and posts: Turn inventory into product reviews, influencer-generated content, and sponsored posts. Drive sales and ROI with little to no upfront costs. 

With the launch of Creator Product Selection and Product Request Form, both Shopify and non-Shopify brands can easily run product seeding campaigns at scale by enabling creator product requests with just a few clicks. 

So, how is Product Request Form different from Creator Product Selection? 

There are a few minor differences between the two features: 

How does Product Request Form work?

  1. Brands set up a custom product order form, and then send that form to creators.
  2. Creators fill out the form and paste links to products from the brand’s website for the campaign they’re working on.
  3. The form gets sent back to the brand from the Creator Portal. 
  4. The brand is able to review the orders in the project workflow, where they can either approve or reject them. These orders can be reviewed (approved or rejected) in bulk, as well. 
  5. Once orders are approved, Aspire will initiate the download of a CSV file with all the orders and corresponding information. Brands can leverage this CSV file to manage fulfillment. 
  6. Lastly, brands can track product costs and shipment status directly within Aspire. 

Product Request Form is available to all non-Shopify brands on Aspire starting today. Log in to your Aspire account to get started.

Not on Aspire yet? Get in touch to streamline your product fulfillment.

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