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New at Aspire: Social profile refresh

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If you’re familiar with influencer marketing, you know how important it is to work with the right creators for your brand. Well-aligned creators do more than just promote your brand. They are able to tell your story in an engaging way and spread advocacy authentically. In turn, your brand can increase awareness, build affinity, and boost conversions.

To improve your search process and help you find the best creators for your brand, we’ve updated our social profile.

What is a social profile?

A social profile is the pop-up description on the Aspire platform that shows the engagement and demographic data of a creator’s social account and it’s audience. It can be accessed several ways throughout the platform.

What’s new with the social profile refresh?

The original version of the social profile displayed a variety of details about the creator including audience demographics, follower authenticity, engagement rate, and more. Today, we’ve added 10+ easy-to-read data points and tools that offer deeper insights to maximize efficiency all with the intention of helping you find the perfect influencers for your needs.

Now, we’re offering every critical feature from the initial social profile in a user-friendly design plus:

  • Deeper audience demographics including language and ethnicity
  • Updated audience authenticity
  • # of campaigns completed on AspireIQ
  • Average collaboration rating provided by other brands on the AspireIQ platform
  • Displayed sponsored posts
  • Engagement rate per organic post
  • Engagement rate per sponsored post
  • Creator’s interests based on their posts and accounts they follow
  • And increased “similar creator” efficiency. Now, if you find a creator that is a good fit, our AI will recommend similar creators by style and topic, making sourcing a lot faster

Our refreshed social profile looks like this:

right creators for your brand

These additional data points help marketers find niche creators faster, as well as streamline the process of looking for similar accounts. We’ve also updated the design to make everything easier to read at one glance — meaning brands can be more efficient and successful at their jobs.

Jump onto the platform to see it for yourself and connect with the right influencers in half the time. Or, contact us to get a demo.

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