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Aspire’s Ambassador Academy

Introducing your first step to building an ambassador program. In this free, webinar-style course, you'll get actionable steps, best practices, and downloadable templates to start, maintain, and grow an ambassador community.
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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Aspire's Ambassador Academy!
Intro to ambassadors
The evolution of influencer marketing
The 9 fundamentals of ambassador program strategy
How to identify ambassadors
How to manage your ambassador program
How to measure & report success of your program
Next steps

What you'll learn

Through this academy, you will gain the knowledge you need to build and manage a sustainable ambassador program that will stand the test of time. Each lesson will also provide relevant templates and assignments you need so that by the time you are done, you will be able to:

  • Audit your current relationships with influencers and customers to give your program a head start
  • Create program objectives that tie to business goals and align with member goals
  • Indentify ambassadors who are motivated to participate
  • Measure the impact of each ambassador on an individual basis
  • Analyze holistic program success and failures in order to continuously improve

Meet your Instructors

Terilyn Walker
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Aspire
Brittany Fleit
Director of Brand Marketing, Aspire
Magda Houalla
Senior Director of Strategy, Aspire
Madison Smith
Senior Marketing Strategist, Aspire
Alison James
Head of Community, Aspire

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