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Refer Brands, Get Paid

Do you work with brands who would benefit from Aspire’s influencer marketing capabilities? If so, refer them to us and you’ll be rewarded when a brand completes a demo AND when a brand officially becomes a customer.

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Aspire Growth Partner Perks

Earn Passive Income

As someone who’s invested in the Aspire community, we want to make sure you get a share of our success. Earn unlimited rewards from your referrals!

Nurture Relationships With Current Brands

The strong relationships you’ve built and invested in with Brands shouldn’t stop after you post content. Our program positions you to be a trusted partner with Brands to help them grow their influencer marketing strategy!

Build Relationships with Every Brand Who Contacts You

No need to leave brands on read. Instead of turning brands down, refer them to Aspire so that we can help them find other influencers who might be a better fit for their campaign. Plus, you’ll still get paid!

Brand Perks As An Aspire Customer

Creator Marketplace

Find New Influencers with Ease

Brands can find search and contact with thousands of new nano, micro and macro influencers at scale through our opt-in Creator Marketplace and outbound Influencer Search Engine.
    Content Creation

    Generate more content than ever before

    Brands can brief, approve, repurpose and boost their best performing influencer content within one platform.
      Analytics & ROI

      Sell More, Guess Less

      Brands can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns from awareness to engagement to sales through robust insights and analytics dashboards.

        Frequently asked questions

        1. Who can refer a brand through the Aspire Growth Partnership Program?

        The Aspire Growth Partnership Program is open to any creator that works with brands.

        2. How does the payment structure work? How does Aspire track sales?

        The payment structure is broken down into 3 parts:

        $250 will be paid at the end of the month after a Brand successfully completes the demo (e.g., Brand is referred on July 5th, completes trial onboarding successfully on July 10th by posting on marketplace, referral is paid by August 1st)

        $1000 will be paid at the end of the 2nd month after a Brand signs a full contract with Aspire (and is still on the platform) (e.g., Brand is referred on July 5th, signs a contract on July 15th, referral is paid by October 1st)

        10% commission will be paid quarterly and begin accumulating 2 months after conversion and paid at the next end of quarter after the Brand is converted to a full contract (and is still on the platform) (e.g., Brand signed a contract on July 15th, 2 months after is September 15th, quarter ends September, commission accumulation begins in October and paid at end of December)

        Please note: Aspire reserves the right to adjust payment structure as the program continues to evolve.

        3. What brands are eligible?

        A brand qualifies if they are a true B2C brand that is interested in influencer marketing. Individual creator brands will be evaluated on a case by case basis, as well as agencies.

        Please note: all brands are subject to additional qualification by Aspire

        4. How will Aspire support me?

        Aspire will provide all Growth Partners a toolkit that contains email templates to reach out to Brands, content that you can share on social media, and ongoing program support. As the program matures, Aspire will continue to invest into the Aspire Growth Partnership Program with sponsored events, Brand introductions, and more.