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Save time and generate higher ROI campaigns with hand-picked creators from Aspire experts.
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Aspire allows you to review influencer benchmarks and find the best influencers for your campaign

Why sign up for Aspire’s Curated Creators Plus program?

Save time building your roster 

Our team sources leading creators to collaborate with and all you have to do is accept them to your campaigns. 

Scale your campaigns 

With Curated Creators, you can run multiple large-scale campaigns at the same time. Our experts can invite hundreds of creators to apply to your campaigns so that you can focus on other priorities. 

Flexibility when you need it

Want some extra help just for the holidays? Have a major campaign coming up? We can design influencer marketing programs around your product launches or seasonal sales, just tell us how many creators you need. 

Build personal relationships

Our team of influencer strategists has strong relationships with top influencers and can cultivate long-term partnerships for your brand. 

Who are our influencer strategists?

Our team of influencer strategists has worked on major campaigns helping brands connect with the world through social media.

Claire Lowe headshot
Claire Lowe
Claire is an experienced marketer with a passion for finding innovative ways to run marketing campaigns.

Claire has nearly seven years of experience supporting a portfolio of brands of all sizes from a variety of different verticals. She’s enabled brands like USANA, European Wax Center, Brooklinen, Freshly, and COOLA to scale their reach through Aspire.
Magda Houalla headshot
Magda Houalla
Magda has 7+ years of experience driving strategy for over 100 enterprise brands like Walmart, Ruggable and more.

She is an industry expert who has been featured on countless podcasts, panels, and conferences educating founders, CEOs, and VPs alike on industry trends, best practices, and how to successfully partner with influencers to grow your own brand.
Auburn Berry headshot
Auburn Berry
Auburn Berry is the Head of Agency Services at Aspire with 11 years of experience in external communications.

Auburn has managed influencer campaigns for brands including Keurig-Dr Pepper, Dyson, Epson, Amazon, ByteDance, Sally Beauty, and European Wax Center. As an influencer marketing expert , Auburn is passionate about exploring new social and influencer marketing trends.

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for 600 invites
per additional 100 invites
number of campaigns

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Frequently asked questions

1. What does the Curated Creators Plus service provide?

We guarantee that our team will send a certain number of invites to your campaigns on a monthly basis, depending on your plan. Please note, invites do not guarantee applicants.

2. Will you still be offering complimentary Curated Creators?

Yes! However, our complimentary service is only for campaigns posted to Aspire's creator marketplace and cannot be customized to the specifications in Curated Creators Plus.

3. How does this compare to the complimentary Curated Creators service?

Our complimentary service does not guarantee a number of invites to your campaign and is only done on a one-time basis. Curated Creators Plus provides monthly applicants to your projects with guaranteed and prioritized invites.

4. Which campaigns will you source creators for on my behalf?

Unless specified, we will source creators for you on all campaigns listed on the marketplace - please let your Aspire contact know if you have a specific campaign need.

5. Can I review the creators before you invite them?

We do not share the invite list as we believe it makes most sense for you to spend your time reviewing creators who have confirmed they want to work on your campaign.

6. How much does this added service cost?

Plans are on a monthly basis and include a set number of invites that can be scaled up. Please reach out to your Aspire contact to learn more about pricing specifics.