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How Beauty Brands can Leverage Creators to Drive Business Growth

November 16, 2023
11am PT / 2pm ET
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How Beauty Brands can Leverage Creators to Drive Business Growth

The beauty industry has been completely revolutionized by the rise of creators and influencer marketing. Creators are dominating the beauty space with everything from TikTok review videos, to high-profile event launch parties and everything in between. However, as the beauty industry continues to grow, how can brands stand out in a crowded market?

We’re answering this question and more in our upcoming webinar focused on how to craft an influencer program that is unique, creative, and designed to drive revenue. 

In this webinar, our Head of Strategy will cover:

  • The current state of creator marketing for beauty brands
  • Key stats and trends in the beauty industry 
  • Creative ways that influencer are partnering with beauty brands
  • How to maximize the impact of your creator program to drive new product sales
  • Collaborations that convert
  • Predictions for the future of beauty content creators


Headshot of Magda Houalla

Magda Houalla

Senior Director of Strategy, Aspire

Magda Houalla has helped thousands of iconic brands with their influencer strategy over her many years at Aspire.

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