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Using Influencer Content To Fuel Your Performance Marketing Channels

December 15, 2022
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Magda Houalla explores the benefits of using influencer content

Today, consumers are inundated with content on a daily basis wherever they turn. To stand out in the mind of the consumer, brands need to keep up a constant supply of creative, relevant, and eye-catching assets to fuel all of their marketing channels. But with high content creation costs, where can marketers turn to produce high-quality, high-performing content at scale?

The key to success lies in influencer-generated content. Influencers have changed the game in terms of how brands develop, source, and repurpose content.

Join us as we unpack:

  • How to 10x the amount of content you have for your brand needs
  • Why influencers are the key to velocity and variety of content
  • The ever-growing shift to video content
  • And much more

Bonus: Join our Slack community, The Coffee Shop, to participate in our extended live Q&A session following the webinar.


Headshot of Magda Houalla

Magda Houalla

Senior Director of Strategy, Aspire

Magda Houalla has helped thousands of iconic brands with their influencer strategy over her many years at Aspire.

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