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From Selling in Minivans to Macy's: Scaling a Family-Run Brand

October 26, 2021
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Frères Branchiaux, aka “The Gills Brothers” in French, is a fast-growing, family-run candle brand started by three kids and their mom, which is now featured in Washington Post, Good Morning America, and more.

From their early days selling candles out of their minivan at local football games to landing their product in more than 30 top-selling retailers — including Macy’s — this family has practically written the formula for success. Hear how they’ve scaled the brand, what the future has in store, and the mission that keeps their drive going.


Headshot of Celena Gill

Celena Gill

Co-Founder, Fréres Branchiaux

Headshot of Magda Houalla

Magda Houalla

Senior Director of Strategy, Aspire

Magda Houalla has helped thousands of iconic brands with their influencer strategy over her many years at Aspire.

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