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The Secret to a Money-Making Influencer Program

October 27, 2021
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Sales can be a tricky goal to prove — especially when it comes to influencer marketing. So what’s an ROI-driven brand to do? Jessicka Nebensni at Mountain Rose Herbs and Anne-Marie Colant at Universal Windows Direct discuss how they drove sales at their vastly different companies.

Listen to their stories about influencer whitelisting, affiliate marketing, and beyond, to implement proven lessons that will skyrocket your revenue.


Headshot of Jessicka Nebesni

Jessicka Nebesni

Marketing Strategist, Mountain Rose Herbs

Headshot of Anne-Marie Colant

Anne-Marie Colant

Social Media & Influencer Management, Universal Windows Direct

Headshot of Cody Liebman

Cody Liebman

SVP of Revenue, Aspire

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