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Turning Your Customers Into Your Greatest Sales Team

October 27, 2021
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Finding the people who are influential, care most about your brand, and can serve as valuable ambassadors is every brand’s goal. Finding and engaging them is a whole other challenge. But what if those people are hiding right under your nose — as your customers?

Jiake Liu, CEO and Co-Founder at furniture brand Outer, tells us about his brand’s inventive approach to ambassador marketing, using their own loyal customers. Hear how he fosters relationships between customers within his community to drive awareness and sales.


Headshot of Jiake Liu

Jiake Liu

Co-Founder, Outer

Headshot of Anand Kishore

Anand Kishore

CEO & Co-Founder of Aspire

Anand is the founder and CEO of Aspire, the largest and fastest-growing platform for influencer marketing and content creation.

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