Build a Workflow for Any Influencer Strategy

Eliminate 90% of the manual processes that slow you down with our customizable campaign workflow builder.
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Seamless Communication

Automate Time-Consuming Communication

Scale your program without sacrificing human connection.
    Product Fulfillment

    Send & Track Packages With Ease

    Automatically send products, track shipments, and update influencers on the progress of their product, so you don’t have to do it manually.
      Built-In Terms

      Simplify Terms & Content Guidelines

      Our pre-built terms sheets ensure you acquire content ownership rights from day one.

        Content Approval

        Approve Content Before Going Live

        Set up structured approval processes & allow creators to submit their work for review before they post.

          Choose Your Own Payment Method

          Build your own compensation model. Integrate with PayPal and pay influencers as soon as they post.
            Social Listening

            Never Miss a Post

            Leverage our social listening tools to track content as soon as it is posted.
              Custom Stages

              Build a One-of-a-Kind Workflow

              Have a workflow stage that isn’t listed? No worries! You can create any kind of custom stage you like.

                Integrate Your Other Must-Have Tools

                Integrate with Gmail, Outlook, Shopify, and Woocommerce to consolidate all your processes in one place.

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