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Why Influencer Marketing Is the Future of Gen Z Engagement

Why Influencer Marketing Is the Future of Gen Z Engagement

By next year, Gen Z will account for 40% of US consumers. That means in order to engage nearly half of all shoppers, you’ll need to tailor your marketing strategy to the way Gen Zers explore, discover, and shop. The key? Content.

It’s not easy to create authentic content in a way that feels personalized to each person across every single channel, platform, and device. So we’re offering a way to win and keep Gen Z’s attention — without burning a hole in your marketing budget.

Download the guide to get a goldmine of information on:

• How to enlist creators who produce visually and emotionally engaging content at a fraction of studio costs
• Best practices for repurposing content intelligently across email, web, ads, and in-store
• Top tips from experts currently excelling at Gen Z engagement

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