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How we can help

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or need help scaling an existing program you can now connect 1:1 with an industry expert to ensure that your program is set up for success.

Our team will work with you to understand the right creators for your campaigns, what goals to focus on, which metrics to track, best practices across platforms, and everything in between.

You’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to lead your program with confidence.

1. Audit your current program

From your current goals to your partnerships, we will identify opportunities to elevate and scale your program.

2. Define campaign goals and identify key metrics to track

From site visits to cutting CAC, we will work with you to identify and prioritize your KPIs.

3. Highlight industry trends we’re seeing and provide best practices

Proactive rather than reactive, we will provide you with a tangible plan and structure so that you can lead your program with confidence.

4. Upfront transparent pricing

Five billable hours that include access to a strategist, exclusive content and a custom strategy guide all for $499! You won’t be charged until the first call is scheduled.

How it works

Step 1

A personalized 30-minute discovery call to learn more about your specific strategic needs with one of our lead strategists.

Step 2

Find influential partners through the platform and turn them into your new favorite sales reps.

Step 3

Analyze the results of your campaign then iterate and scale using data-driven insights.

Meet Our Strategists

Marilyn Tounger
Marilyn Tounger
Marilyn has 8+ years of experience in social media and influencer marketing strategy and execution. She has developed influencer programs for over 50 clients including DTC e-commerce brands, family-owned small businesses, enterprise companies, and more.

She is an expert in creating thoughtful, integrated campaigns that utilize the most current industry knowledge and trends to accomplish measurable results.
Magda Houalla Headshot
Magda Houalla
Magda has 7+ years of experience driving strategy for over 100 enterprise brands like Walmart, Ruggable and more.

She is an industry expert who has been featured on countless podcasts, panels, and conferences educating founders, CEOs, and VPs alike on industry trends, best practices, and how to successfully partner with influencers to grow your own brand.
Allie Arnott Headshot
Allie Arnott
Allie has managed 150+ influencer marketing campaigns for brands like L'Oreal, Purple, Keurig, Postmates, and more.

Allie currently oversees Enterprise Strategy and Partnerships at Aspire's Agency Services where she helps develop best-in-class strategy for some of the most notable brands in the world.
Ashley Massa Headshot
Ashley Massa
Ashley has over 10+ years of experience in the Retail and Marketing industry. Over the last five years, her focus has been leading Social Media and Influencer Marketing Campaigns for well known brands such as Keurig, Dr Pepper, Kiehl’s, American Cancer Society, and Turo CA to name a few.

When she isn’t strategizing how to drive brand awareness and engagement for her brands, she is teaching hot power yoga class or cooking a new recipe!

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