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Use Aspire's Content Feature to see which pieces of content perform best
Managing Influencer-Generated Content in Aspire
Aspire's terms feature allows you to request useage rights from creators
Content Licensing

Built-In Image Rights

No image rights? No ability to repurpose influencer-generated content on your own channels. Automatically acquire full usage rights from influencers with easy-to-use digital term sheets embedded in your workflow – no legal team necessary.
    Review content with your team using Aspire
    Content Approvals

    Review Content Before It Launches

    Brand safety is a huge priority. That’s why it’s crucial that all influencer-generated content meets your brand guidelines. With Aspire’s easy content approvals, you can ensure that each and every piece of influencer content meets your brand values, personality and aesthetic – before it goes live.

      Request ad access using Aspire's branded content ad feature
      Meta Branded Content Ads

      Boost Your Best Performing Influencer Content

      See an influencer campaign performing particularly well? Don’t let the success end there! Boost individual posts or run ads through that influencer’s account to extend the reach even further.
      Did we mention we’re a Meta preferred partner?

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        Easily find all of your influencer content with Aspire's content library
        Content Library

        Make Content Organization Easy

        Organize all of your influencer-generated content in one central library — no overdue notices here. Tag, search and filter by campaign, project, influencer, product SKU and more, so your top-performing content is always to hand.
          Aspire's influencer search engine with reverse image search
          Reverse Image Search

          Find Creators With Similar Content

          Got top-performing content and searching for influencers with a similar look? Discover creators with similar aesthetics by dropping your most popular influencer content directly into our Influencer Search Engine – a customer favorite!

            Measure The Value Of Influencer Content

            Easily measure full content performance over time as well as total estimated production cost of all your content pieces so you can report back to the company on the real return on investment for influencer generated content
            Aspire's impact dashboard allows you to track campaign performance
            Success Story


            How a fast growing activewear e-commerce brand leverages influencers to source high performing content that fuels their marketing channels.

              Frequently asked questions

              You bet. We have a direct partnership with Meta so you can connect your Facebook ads manager to boost influencer posts to reach an even larIger audience as well as run ads through your influencers account. We’ve seen brands drive significant revenue with this strategy Discover everything you need to know about branded content ads here or watch our 101 webinar.

              Yes! Image rights are built-in on Aspire. Easy-to-use digital term sheets are embedded in your workflow so you automatically acquire full usage rights from influencers.


              Using Influencer Content To Fuel Your Performance Marketing Channels

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