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Aspire's community for smaller creators, UGC creators, brand lovers, and everyday customers! Earn money, free product, and more from your favorite brands in exchange for content, feedback, and reviews.
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Why join Maven by Aspire?

Free product

Receive free product from some of the world's largest brands

Creator tools

Gain access to creator tools that will help you scale your following from 1K to 1M

Brand interest

We'll find partnerships for you so you don't have to send hundreds of messages to brands yourself

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When can I get started?

As soon as you sign up, you'll be entered into our database of members that a brand may work with. If you are eligible for an upcoming campaign, either Aspire or the brand will reach out to you.

You will also be subscribed to our weekly newsletter showcasing current seeding and UGC campaigns 🎉

What kind of campaigns are part of Maven?

The main focus of Maven is to help connect you with brands on product seeding and UGC campaigns. However, we will sometimes have paid opportunities as well. 

What if I only want to participate in paid campaigns?

Please apply to be part of our existing Creator Marketplace at for access to all campaign types on Aspire, including paid! Note, you must reach our follower and engagement rate qualifications to be approved on the marketplace. If you do not meet those requirements, we recommend joining Maven first.

How does this differ from the existing Aspire Creator Marketplace?

This community is meant for smaller creators with less than 5K followers on social channels. Maven may eventually be integrated into the existing Aspire Creator Marketplace, however, it is currently run separately.

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Jessica Lynn

"I like that you find brands [on Aspire] that you wouldn't normally work with, which I think is rewarding...Aspire brings you many different projects that you might now have thought of"

Singer / Songwriter / Creator

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