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How AN Skin drove over $950k sales in less than a year with Aspire

Learn how AN Skin streamlined influencer marketing campaigns and is projected to exceed $1M in sales by EOY with Aspire.
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"It may be hard to believe, but my favorite thing about Aspire is literally everything. Everything that they do is just right. They streamline my job and boost revenue."
Katrina Gonzalez
Digital Marketing Expert and co-founder of Social Groov


AN Skin offers medical-grade skincare to help people love their Skin – and themselves. Licensed medical aesthetician and momtrepreneur Ashley Nordman founded the brand after experiencing severe acne. Now, AN Skin leads with education so customers can achieve radiant skin and live confidently.

AN Skin needed a full-service platform to break into influencing

Launching an influencer marketing program is complex for any brand or marketer. 

Take Katrina Gonzalez – she's a digital marketing expert and co-founder of Social Groov, a digital agency specializing in social media management and brand strategy. AN Skin is one of her clients, and she'll be the first to point out that brands are intimidated by discovering influencers and helping them produce content that converts. 

Working together, Social Groov and AN Skin needed a platform to deliver the entire repertoire of influencer services and give them easy access to metrics: 

  • AN Skin wanted to work with creators who understood how to represent their brand.
  • Katrina hoped to lower the lift of sourcing creators and managing influencer campaigns.

Fortunately, Katrina knew of Aspire – and in her words, "it's the best influencer marketing platform to work with."


Aspire simplifies the entire influencer marketing process for Katrina and AN Skin. Here are the benefits they've seen:

Benefit #1: Influencer sourcing streamlines partnerships

Aspire offers an Influencer Search Engine where Katrina can search for influencers. But she primary fields inbounds from Aspire's Creator Marketplace, the perfect venue for influencers to discover opportunities with AN Skin. Without it, sourcing would fall on Katrina.

With the entire influencer marketing program housed on one platform, everything from sourcing creators to creating campaigns to determining contracts,  Aspire is the ideal solution for AN Skin. The process is centralized, so no detail falls by the wayside.

Benefit #2: Simplified conversion tracking with accessible metrics

One of the most important aspects of influencer marketing is understanding which campaigns are converting – but obtaining the necessary numbers isn't straightforward. That’s because tracking metrics and revenue is very challenging for brands. 

With Aspire, AN Skin measures full-funnel ROI and sales with dependable tracking and reporting — consolidated in a neat, convenient dashboard. The accessibility of the numbers empowers AN Skin to be creative and data-driven, without feeling like their data gets lost across platforms and creators. 

"I really love Aspire's Creator Marketplace. It’s a proactive approach instead of going out into the world and sourcing. When you use Aspire's marketplace, it's more like creators just come to the brand."

Aspire is set to drive $1M in sales for AN Skin by EOY 

The results from Katrina's work with AN Skin can't be understated – and Aspire turned what would be a full-time job into one part of her multi-faceted marketing career. 

Most notably, Aspire influencers have driven serious conversions for AN Skin. Take a look at the metrics:

  • $670k sales driven by influencer marketing  in 7 months
  • 2.3k conversions driven
  • $1M projected sales driven by EOY
  • 2.3k posts with a potential reach of 54M people
  • 50%+ reduction in influencer management work 

In addition to a top-level view of impressions and ROI, Aspire's tracking information provides proof of concept for influencer marketing. Without Aspire, Katrina says the numbers for eCom tracking sometimes get lost, but now she can easily refer to their stats and show AN Skin which creators drive media value and conversions.

AN Skin looks forward to continuing its partnership with Aspire, because of its affordability and growing catalog of features. 

"Running social media marketing for AN Skin could easily be a full-time job, but Aspire cuts down the workload to the point where I can balance it along with all of the other aspects of my job."

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