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How the leading educational subscription box powers their paid ads with influencer generated content
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When Alex Ostler first joined Bitsbox, she already had the perfect idea in mind to help promote the educational subscription box: influencer marketing. As a mom, Alex followed a variety of family-oriented influencers to help stay informed about the best kid-friendly products available on the market.

In today’s fast-paced, technological society, Alex knew that teaching kids to code was something that would resonate with many families because above all, parents want their children to be equipped to succeed. She began by manually reaching out to the influencers she already knew about via email and direct message. Unfortunately, Alex soon learned that finding and building relationships with targeted influencers was going to be harder than she initially anticipated. After discovering AspireIQ, Alex soon realized how much they could scale-up their program with the proper tools.

After attempting to build an influencer program with limited success, Alex soon enlisted the help of Emma Erickson to help with the outreach and management of influencers. Because Bitsbox is a product that appeals specifically to families, it was important for the Bitsbox team to find the right influencers—mothers aged 35-54 who had an engaged audience of other families looking for great child-focused content.

Like many companies, Bitsbox began thinking about how to increase the scale of their influencer efforts by talking to agencies who offered influencer marketing packages. After learning that agency fees would be in excess of $30,000, they began looking at other options.

In addition to influencer marketing, Alex and Emma wer e looking for ways to help create more content for their owned media channels like email, their branded website, Pinterest, Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and more.

Organizing professional photo shoots was proving to be too time consuming and expensive, and the logistics involved with sourcing locations and subjects became overwhelming.

Alex discovered AspireIQ at the Subscription Box Summit and immediately knew it was the perfect solution to source their content and solve the challenges in their influencer marketing campaigns.


Connecting with Influencers

By using AspireIQ, the Bitsbox team has been able to exponentially increase the number of influencers that they are able to coll aborate with. Emma’s efficiency has impr oved dramatically thanks to AspireIQ Connect, which gives her the ability to search for influencers b y keyword, hashtag, and even location. Emma’s favorite feature of AspireIQ is the Recommendation engine. AspireIQ automatically displays creators that are the right fit for her brand, freeing her time to focus on other important tasks.

Managing Relationships

AspireIQ Manage gives Emma an easy way to view which stage each of her influencer relationships are at within the collaboration the process with a single view. Because AspireIQ automatically moves influencers through stages, Emma is able to easily stay on top of who is in negotiations, awaiting payment, or has content ready for review.

Content Engine

Because Bitsbox repurposes their content in paid advertisements, the team is looking to source influencer content that is high resolution and well lit. AspireIQ Manage allows brands to communicate content expectations before a collaboration and review images with ease. This way, even though Bitsbox is outsourcing their content creation, they still have the ability to control key aspects that are important to the brand.

With the influencer relationships built through AspireIQ, Bitsbox now has a diverse, creative content channel to power all of their owned and paid channels including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, their website, and more.

Alex initially viewed their influencer program as an acquisition channel to drive traffic to their website. However, since working through AspireIQ, the team has found that influencers have not only spread brand awareness, they are the brand’s main content engine.


Through dozens of high-quality influencer relationships, Bitsbox now has access to a steady stream of high-quality, diverse content. To date, they’ve received hundreds of images that are now being used across multiple channels, both paid and owned. The brand went from manually sourcing 45-50 posts in a year to more than double that amount of images in less time by utilizing AspireIQ tools.

Additionally, the content they get from influencers is more diverse and better looking than content that they were getting from photoshoots before. Influencer-generated content is the perfect way for Bitsbox to add diversity to their content. The settings are different, the kids are different, and it’s all authentic.

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