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How Castlery organized their influencer campaign data with Aspire

Learn how Castlery uses Aspire's flexible workflows to manage every aspect of their international influencer campaigns in one place.
increased signings YOY
days for influencer negotiations
Key features used:
We love how Aspire tabulates the results of every post. Keeping track of the data and stats for every collaborator is extremely time-consuming for us, but Aspire has it all in order.
Jena Theng
Senior Partnerships Specialist at Castlery

Furniture lifestyle brand Castlery creates beautiful pieces that inspire people and help spaces thrive. Founded in Singapore in 2013, the brand ships to 54 metropolitan areas on three continents. They're scaling rapidly, with international markets contributing almost 80% of their group revenues as they bring their affordable, quality furniture to new homes. 

Castlery needed to organize their international influencer campaigns

Jena Theng, Senior Partnerships Specialist at Castlery, handles international brand partnerships, interfaces with stakeholders, and runs influencer campaigns. As she juggled those priorities, she searched for a platform to streamline her processes.

She'd tried other solutions, but nothing gave her the flexibility to customize campaigns for individual influencers. And with Castlery’s influencers all over the world, her ideal platform would let her manage campaigns and data in one place. 

Turns out she just needed to be introduced to Aspire.  


The Aspire platform allows Castlery to connect and create with influencers in a single, frictionless space. The transition to the platform was simple since their designated Aspire account manager smoothed out any hitches in the process. Here are the benefits the lifestyle brand has seen:

Benefit #1: Comprehensive, no-lift data tracking

As Castlery enters hypergrowth, Aspire lets them easily track influencers and metrics, and it’s zero lift for Castlery. When influencers tag Castlery in posts, Aspire collects the data automatically.

Jena says Aspire's dashboard also helps influencers with feedback that provides insights about their content. Even monthly reporting is easier. Aspire automatically tabulates the results of each post.  

Benefit #2: Campaign organization

Aspire offers Castlery top-level views of all their campaigns, or the team can zoom in to make changes as needed. That includes: 

  • Customizing influencer collaboration terms for each campaign. 
  • Toggling between international campaigns with ease. 

With all of this information in one place, nothing gets lost, and every piece of information is organized and available. 

“We love that Aspire tabulates our monthly post results. Before Aspire, we had to manually compile and run the numbers on our resorts every month – but Aspire lets us retrieve it all in one go. That’s incredibly convenient.”

Castlery saves time organizing campaigns with Aspire

Working with Aspire shortened the influencer negotiation process for Castlery — up to a week in some cases. Aspire’s customizable templates mean Castlery no longer has to create their own MOUs.

Aspire automatically sends influencers notifications to remind them that content is due — so Castlery spends more time tweaking strategy instead of chasing down content submissions. Here's what that looks like in metric form:

  • Influencer negotiations shortened from 1 week to 3-4 working days
  • 15% increased signings YOY
"Aspire has shortened our influencer negotiation timeline. We use the templates and guidelines we preset on Aspire and amend accordingly to the different preferences and deliverables for a specific influencer."
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