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How a baggage company leverages influencer-generated content to scale authentic content
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Kaylin knew that in order to grab the attention of her audience, she needed to move beyond just product shots. She needed dynamic content that showcased eBags products in aspirational locations. However, in-house content creation capabilities were limited. Fortunately, influencers can act as an extension of the brand’s creative team. And because Influencer content comes from travel-loving consumers, it helps validate the brand with social proof and generates awareness in the most authentic way possible.

Before using Aspire, Kaylin managed influencer relations manually, exchanging hundreds of emails back and forth for a single campaign. She’d reach out to hundreds of influencers only to hear back from a small percentage, and an even smaller percentage would be within her budget. This time consuming process made it impossible to identify the right influencers, scale content generation, and measure results in a productive manner. Kaylin assessed multiple influencer marketing platforms and found that Aspire was the only one with all of the features she needed to streamline the entire influencer process.


Connecting with Diverse Influencers

Aspire makes identifying targeted influencers that align with the brand’s core customer segments seamless. Kaylin utilizes image search to find influencers that create content that aligns with the brand’s aesthetic or she searches for creators with keywords. She can then see each influencer’s engagement rate, top performing content, audience demographics, and more to ensure they are a fit. By refining the identification process, Kaylin can quickly zero in on influencers that are likely to have a true interest in the brand and feel passionate about the message they want to deliver.

Managing Relationships

Finding the right influencers and getting high-quality content is a must. eBags wants their influencers’ passion for travel and the brand to shine through their content. Kaylin uses Aspire to provide customizable campaign terms and content guidelines for every influencer. This ensures that the content the influencers produce is always on-brand, yet still resonates authentically with the influencer’s audience.

Scaling Content that Tells a Story

Influencers create content that conveys a story. Unlike product images or content created in a studio, influencer content shows how eBags products contribute to real people’s travel. There’s no way her in-house team could travel to dozens of exotic locations each month. On the other hand, influencers are single person creative agencies and are located virtually anywhere in the world. With Aspire’s contetn library, Kaylin has an organized suppository of content that is a byproduct of her relationships with hundreds of influencers.


Aspire made it possible for eBags to move beyond the hundreds of emails they were manually sending to a program that’s become much bigger. Using Aspire and influencer marketing, eBags has created brand awareness more authentically and far beyond what it could do on its own organically. Today, the eBags brand now has a digital asset library with over 2,000 of on-brand pieces content and has generated millions of impressions from influencer placements each year ever since.

Kaylin repurposes influencer content on the brand website, email newsletters, browser notifications, press releases, and so much more. Because she is no longer spending the majority of her time following up with influencers, she’s been able to focus on other areas of her role, resulting in multiple promotions.

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