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How Grubhub adds the human element to its creative with influencer marketing.
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In 2016, Grubhub underwent one of the most significant rebrandings in the company’s history. The cornerstone of this new brand identity included a major emphasis on authentic, human-centric content. The problem was, how could they create authentic content on such a large scale? Manually finding and reaching out to influencers proved to be time-consuming and unproductive. By partnering with Aspire, Grubhub now has access to an always-on source of authentic, engaging content.

Nick Deyo, Social Media Manager at Grubhub and Seamless, knew exactly what he wanted: a source of high quality, authentic content that could be used across multiple channels, from their website to their social media accounts.

Nick knew that while Grubhub could spend exorbitant amounts of money on perfectly manicured photoshoots, at the end of the day, users posting real pictures of their food would have a much greater impact. Nick knew he needed to find the right influencers, not just the ones that would work for cheap or free. He understood the value of forging mutually beneficial, long term relationships with influencers, which made the selection process even more important.

Nick started his journey trying to manage influencer marketing with tools like email and spreadsheets, but he quickly realized that there was simply no way to scale up content creation without a specialized tool


By partnering with Aspire, Nick and his team have been able to exponentially increase both the number of their campaigns and the results they are seeing.

Aspire helps Grubhub to achieve authenticity through powerful search and recommendation engines. Grubhub recently relied on these tools to find an entirely new category of dance influencers for a contest they launched with the popular dance-based video game, Just Dance. Without Aspire, it would have taken Nick months just to get a few campaigns up and running.

In addition to helping drive conversions in existing Grubhub cities, Aspire has become a key strategic partner for hyper-local launches in new areas like Austin and San Jose. Nick takes advantage of the city and tag filtering to limit his search to college influencers.

Once Nick has created his shortlist of influencers to work with, he turns to Aspire to manage all of his influencer communications and workflow.

Nick relies on Aspire to keep the rest of his team up-to-date by showing monthly status reports on their active campaigns, including key stats such as the number of influencers, average follower size, engagements, and more.

The team at Grubhub has also began to feed what they have learned from previous content creation into their new creative briefs. For example, they noticed that images containing people’s hands performs better than those without.


Through dozens of high-quality influencer relationships, Grubhub now has access to a steady stream of high-quality, authentic content. To date, they’ve received hundreds of images that are now being used across multiple channels, both paid and owned.

When using Google and email to find and manage influencers, it used to take Nick 20 hours for one or two partnerships. With Aspire, the first campaign had over 100 applicants within the first hour.

According to Nick, Grubhub chose Aspire because it offered a great combination of powerful features and an easy-to-use interface, two keys for a company scaling up its influencer marketing efforts in a major way.

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