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How a beverage brand leverages influencers to expand its reach and increase engagement by 500%.
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LIMITLESS is a clean beverage company that focuses on powering productivity through its new lightly caffeinated sparkling water. Its drinks are vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and non-GMO project verified.

Amanda Kaplan, the Marketing Manager at LIMITLESS, was brought on to expand the brand’s reach through influencer marketing. Historically, the brand targeted health-conscious people between the ages of 25-35. However, the team hoped to broaden its customer base by leveraging influencers of all ages with diverse interests.

In addition to spreading brand awareness, influencers prove an effective way to drive website traffic, increase followers, advertise promotions, and boost online engagement. As Amanda built out an influencer marketing program, she found that influencers are also an amazing source of high-quality user-generated content that she could repurpose on the brand’s social platforms, website, and other marketing materials. This raises engagement and creates consistent branding across all of its channels.

Before Aspire, the LIMITLESS team was not able to effectively build an influencer marketing program. It relied on emails and Instagram direct messages to engage with influencers and saw little success. The manual task of managing relationships, contracts, payments, and content approval via email was impossible to scale. That is when Amanda began looking for a tool that could streamline the process.


Connecting With Diverse Influencers

WIth Aspire, Amanda can search for influencers with diverse backgrounds that appeal to a wide variety of consumers in different life stages, locations, and with different interests. Whereas before she would have to calculate engagement manually, Aspire’s suite of search tools allows her to find influencers with high engagement rates automatically. Amanda also considers the Aspire creator ratings as an indicator of how reliable creators are before she proposes terms. But above all, the most important factor in any influencer relationship is authenticity. Amanda is able to quickly vet influencers’ social pages and comment sentiment to eliminate influencers who post an abundance of sponsored posts or have falsified engagement.

Managing Long-Term Relationships

Amanda’s goal is to create long-term relationships with influencers. Aspire allows her to streamline that process by automatically pushing each influencer through the collaboration process. She can chat with influencers directly and automate payments and contracts without the use of messy email threads. Amanda also takes her relationships with influencers offline to deepen brand affinity within her community. When the brand throws an event, they can identify high-performing influencers and mass message invites.

Sourcing & Managing Content

Amanda finds that LIMITLESS receives the best content when it gives influencers creative control. With customizable term templates, Amanda can create collaboration guidelines to ensure influencers meet the basic LIMITLESS guidelines – guaranteeing on-brand content every time.

Additionally, Aspire’s Google Drive integration enables Amanda to sync all its influencer-generated directly to its devices, so each team member has easy access to content for every channel. With Aspire, the team is able to see which pieces of content generate the most engagement, likes, comments, and clicks. Amanda can then use this information to influence future campaigns.


Since working with influencers and repurposing the content they create, LIMITLESS has seen an increase in social media followers, online impressions, and overall engagement. In one customer acquisition campaign that promoted a drink coupon, influencers generated 500% more engagement on the coupon offer than the brand was able to do organically. While sales are not the brand’s main goal, direct sales through influencer’s links are a welcomed bonus.

Because LIMITLESS was able to scale from a handful of influencers to 12-40 relationships per campaign with Aspire, it can drive more engagement while adding a human element to its brand story —in a way that can’t be replicated in a studio. By working with a diverse portfolio of influencers from different locations and walks of life, the LIMITLESS brand gets in front of a wide variety of consumers. And because Amanda does not have to worry about hiring models and lifestyle photographers, or the manual tasks associated with influencer marketing, she saves time and can focus on other areas of growth in the business.

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