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How Owlet Baby Care achieved a 102% increase in influencer engagement with Aspire (and an always-on post for their product creator program)

Learn how Owlet Baby Care leveraged Aspire to scale their influencer program and dramatically boost its ROI within three months.
increase in content reach
increase in impressions
increase in engagement
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Owlet is a baby monitor company empowering parents with the right information so they can experience peace of mind and find more joy on the parenting journey. For over a decade, they've helped families with a holistic, data-driven approach to modern parenting. Owlet is the only baby monitor that tracks multiple sleep quality indicators, including heart rate, average oxygen level, waking times, movement, and more – all while streaming HD video directly to your smartphone. Later this year, they look forward to launching their FDA-cleared BabySat™ monitoring system. 

Owlet needed a faster, higher-ROI way to scale creator partnerships

One of Owlet’s core values is ensuring peace of mind for new parents. Owlet relies on y on word of mouth and referrals to help drive brand awareness and conversions.

Valerie Felski, Senior Manager of Global Brand Partnerships at Owlet, explains that after their budget for paid influencer activities decreased, they shifted attention to increased creator product seeding. While they’d leveraged Aspire for that sort of content before, they fully leaned into the strategy in 2023. 

"We scaled back every marketing budget, and every dollar had to be accounted for. But we knew how valuable working with creators and influencers was, so we needed to find a new way to keep doing so efficiently."

Today, Owlet works with anywhere from 25–50 creators per month to produce content through Aspire. Here are two major benefits Owlet has gained so far: 

Benefit #1: Finding the right influencers faster

Owlet seeks influencers with engaged communities, not those with the largest followings. After all, engagement levels determine how well-received the content will be. The Aspire platform streamlines the process of searching and filtering for these sorts of influencers. 

Plus, on the other side of the equation, Owlet frequently receives requests from influencers looking to work with them. These influencers are often expecting or have a new baby and are naturally curious about Owlet's products: the ideal recipe for authentic content. 

In the long run, cultivating a strong pipeline of influencers is key for Owlet because their average creator partnership only lasts through pregnancy and infancy. Once parents and their babies inevitably age out of the product, Owlet must find new influencers — and Aspire makes this near-effortless. 

Benefit #2: Aspire's platform provides deep influencer insights

Owlet appreciates that when they evaluate an influencer's profile on Aspire, they can see information like: 

  • Aspire’s suggestions for rates and payment
  • The creator’s engagement metrics and audience demographics

Owlet also takes a qualitative approach to influencer selection by looking through Instagram and TikTok feeds to understand audiences and content styles. Aspire's data and insights are ultimately the ideal addition to Owlet's vetting process since the brand is both niche and high-end. With Aspire, Owlet can identify the perfect creators to advocate for such intimate, special products. 

"Since launching sales tracking with Aspire, we’ve driven 20+ sales and almost 3k sessions to our website. It just shows that you don't necessarily need hundreds of thousands of dollars to have an effective, robust influencer program." 

Aspire is driving sales and thousands of site sessions for Owlet

When Owlet tracked impressions on their content through Aspire, they confirmed the sheer hike in traffic they've achieved in the past months. Here’s a snapshot of the results to date: 

  • 39% increase in content reach
  • 59% increase in impressions
  • 102% increase in engagement
  • 20+ sales and 3k website sessions

Looking ahead, all Owlet influencers will be given unique codes and discount tracking. Owlet has expanded its use of Aspire to several international markets including the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.

"The amount of time Aspire saves us is just amazing. From their creator review system to looking at influencer numbers and stats to essentially supplementing our marketing and creative teams, Aspire has elevated our small team to something much greater." 
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