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How Klorane leveraged influencer marketing to sell out a new product line.
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I’m so excited about influencer marketing, because you see results.
Hoda Abdulla
Social Media Manager at Klorane

Pierre Fabre, one of the largest cosmetics & dermo-pharmaceutical companies in the world, is home to brands such as; Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, René Furterer, and more.

To improve sales of their brand Klorane, across their various retailers, the team was tasked with finding new ways to reach a larger audience. One of the keys to the company’s growth is getting the word out about the benefits of its laboratory-tested products through a network of social media influencers with highly engaged followers.

With the upcoming 50th anniversary of one of it’s most loved products, the Klorane Chamomile Collection, Pierre Fabre’s Social Media Manager, Hoda Abdulla, was tasked with making sure it was their most successful campaign ever.

Without an influencer platform in place, Hoda began the painstaking task of manually creating a list of influencers on Instagram. After spending days combing through thousands of social media influencers, Hoda had a list of potential influencers she thought would be a good fit for Pierre Fabre’s Klorane brand.

She then had to solve the problem of reaching out to them. If Hoda was lucky, she was able to find an email address to put into a spreadsheet; otherwise, she had to send individual emails or direct messages to the influencers she was targeting. As a result of her persistent outreach, Hoda was even marked as a spammer and blocked by Gmail.

Hoda and the team at Pierre Fabre knew there had to be a better way. They knew that with the upcoming launch of their line of Klorane pomegranate shampoos, they needed to do better for the sake of their retailer relationships.

If we had found Aspire sooner, we could have made so much more impact, we’re not gonna miss the opportunity to do this better.
Hoda Abdulla
Social Media Manager at Klorane

Aspire solved Hoda’s major two headaches regarding influencer marketing: 1) finding the right influencers, and 2) managing relationships with influencers.

Aspire gave Hoda the powerful search and filtering options she needed to narrow down her list of potential influencers according to: engagement, followers, age, city and country, tags, and even keywords. With the filtering and search capabilities provided by Aspire, Hoda was able to find influencers that would be the perfect fit for the color-protecting properties of the Pomegranate line of shampoos.

Aspire gave Hoda visibility into each influencer’s progress within the various active campaigns. Aspire simplified and streamlined process of managing hundreds of influencers at a time, making it faster and easier for Hoda to monitor the results.

Aspire approaches influencer management like a traditional CRM, in which each influencer moves through stages of the funnel. Brands can easily tell where each influencer is in the process by showing everything from negotiations, the products shipped, content created, payment state, and more.

Keeping relationships on track is one of the most challenging parts of a successful influencer marketing campaign. Pierre Fabre ensures campaigns go out on time by using built-in notifications telling influencers when they should submit their content, or when Hoda needs to review content to be posted.

Hoda uses the analyze tools to efficiently view and report on necessary data to present to the rest of her team. They’re able to quickly see valuable insights into how many impressions, likes, comments, media value, and ROI the posts were getting.

If you’re working with influencers on a large scale you could never do it without a tool like Aspire.
Hoda Abdulla
Social Media Manager at Klorane

With Aspire, the Pierre Fabre company was able to dramatically improve sales in Sephora. The Pomegranate line went from a 50th place performer to a sold-out, top 10 product. After seeing Klorane’s results, Hoda knew she had to take her findings to the rest of the Pierre Fabre team. Their reaction was just what she had expected: “we’ll find the budget for this no matter what. We’ll cut the budget from our traditional PR team to use this.”

The best part? With insights gained from Aspire, Hoda is able to optimize the next campaign to make faster, smarter decisions.

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