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Purdy & Figg leveraged Aspire to increase Meta revenue 555% in 60 days

Learn how Purdy & Figg partnered with Aspire generate top quality content and produce high-performing Meta ads.
increase in Meta purchases
increase in Meta revenue
decrease in Meta CPA
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Aspire Agency Services


Purdy Rubin and Charlotte Figg were fed up with toxic cleaning products in plastic packaging, so they decided to make alternatives they’d actually feel good about using – both for themselves and the environment. After experimenting with different formulas Breaking Bad-style in their garage, they launched Counter Clean, an ultra-concentrated all-purpose cleaner, in 2022. Purdy & Figg has been growing (in a planet-friendly way) ever since!

Purdy & Figg needed fresh content and ad strategy

All areas of Purdy & Figg’s business are sustainable, from their refillable and reusable packaging to their commitment to sending care packages to the British National Health Service. While that ethos is central to the brand, ad content is inherently less reusable.

That’s why Purdy & Figg wanted to revamp their paid partnership ads and refresh their ads library. They had two primary needs to outsource: 

  • Organic paid partnership ads
  • Overall ad strategy

Aspire Agency Services offered something Purdy & Figg has never tried before: an ad agency that created and ran content in-house. Traditionally, ad agencies see paid ads as a competitor to organic content — but not us. So, Purdy & Figg decided to take the plunge with Aspire’s services when they realized the agency could provide paid partnership ads and their overall ad strategy.


Aspire upgraded Purdy & Figg’s ad content and manages it end-to-end

Aspire Agency Services delivered fresh content and a tactical strategy for Purdy & Figg on both paid and organic content:

1. Spinning up a bespoke content plan 

When the Aspire team drew up the creative brief and content guidelines for Purdy & Figg’s creators, they ensured that everything was brand-specific – just refreshed with current trends. Aspire tested which types of content resonated with audiences, from lifestyle to cleaning to product shots, and built up Purdy & Figg’s content library accordingly. They launched a “Come Clean With Me” campaign on TikTok and Instagram that absorbed trending concepts. 

From now on, Purdy & Figg can use our initial content as a guide to optimize future content. 

2. Zero-lift contract negotiations with creators

Aspire also made it easy to partner with creators for influencer marketing on any budget. They ran the entire discovery and negotiation process, including: 

  • Fee negotiations 
  • International partnership sourcing
  • Finding the ideal creators for Purdy & Figg
  • Shipping logistics for gifts and product samples 

Aspire locked in 15 creators to produce a variety of deliverables – a turnout that indicated how excited people were to work with the brand. And they did so in the UK market (as an American agency) without issue. They even assisted with shipping troubleshooting, which is especially difficult from a different timezone.

3. Ongoing content management 

We ensured that all user-generated content was up and running within three months and that anything posted on Meta was done on the correct timelines. We also set up a plan to repurpose content – we utilized organic results to strategize the paid ads approach in real-time for performance optimization.  


Aspire increased Purdy & Figg’s ROAS by 78%

Aspire Agency Services’ all-in-one coverage of performance and paid marketing initiatives prompted an uptick in Purdy & Figg’s ad performance. Reworking their brand messaging also ensured that their core products were sold more positively. Take a look at the metrics Aspire drove in just 60 days on Meta:

  • Purchases increased by 468%
  • Ad spend increased by 269%
  • Revenue increased 555%
  • ROAS increased by 78%
  • CPA decreased 35%

Given the significant improvement in ad performance and conversion in such a short period of time, Purdy & Figg look forward to seeing what else Aspire creators can achieve as the partnership continues.  

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