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How a fast-growing ebike company turned their customers into powerful brand advocates to drive ROI.
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At Rad Power Bikes, we believe in the power of community and the authenticity of our customers' voices. Partnering with Aspire's Agency Services team to create our brand ambassador program was a game-changer. By activating our loyal customers, we not only exceeded our campaign goals but also strengthened our bond with our riders. This initiative showcased the genuine passion our customers have for our brand, which ultimately drove millions of impressions and contributed to our remarkable ROI.
Nicole Fisch
VP Marketing and Digital

Rad Power Bikes, an innovative and award-winning ebike brand, gained recognition from TIME magazine in 2020 for tripling their e-commerce sales. With a strong commitment to innovation, Rad Power Bikes has built a dedicated community of over 600,000 riders. Because the product is specialized and comes at a high price-point, the brand realized they could activate existing and loyal customers into their ambassador program without providing product or requiring posts. So, Rad Power Bikes partnered with Aspire’s Agency Services team to build a campaign around uplifting loyal customers and turning them into brand ambassadors — despite lacking traditional influencer backgrounds. 


Turning customers into brand advocates

With the goal of sparking organic conversation and capitalizing on word-of-mouth marketing, Aspire’s Agency Services team leveraged Rad Power Bikes customers who were already long-standing fans of the product. To build even more positive goodwill around the brand, Emilee Mast-Monnig and Madeline Lyle from Aspire’s Agency Services team planned a surprise-and-delight campaign, gifting accessories and other small add-ons to Rad Power Bikes’ new cohort of first-time ambassadors. 

The Agency Services team facilitated the gifting campaign, even offering some customers a discount on their service fees, which elevated the Rad Power Bikes customer experience and improved their brand sentiment. 

Driving ROI with product-seeding

Product-seeding is an incredibly effective way to drive ROI with relatively low investment. While there’s no guarantee creators from seeding campaigns will post on a brand’s behalf, the content that does come out of it tends to perform well due to the authentic nature of the posts. The Agency Service’s team found that by supplementing the ambassador program with more established creators, they were able to generate content that was effective in driving impressions, sales, and improving brand sentiment.


By activating customers-turned-brand-ambassadors and creators in a product seeding campaign, Rad Power Bikes was able to impact their entire funnel and exceed the goals set at the beginning of the campaign. The team was able to not only elevate their customer relationships and establish trust with their tight-knit networks, but also drive millions of impressions and generate an impressive number of conversions in just 5 months, resulting in a 561% increase in ROI. 

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