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YogaClub drives more revenue with Aspire

How a fast-growing activewear ecommerce brand leverages influencers to source high performing content that fuels their marketing channels.
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Lindsay McClelland, Director of Partnerships and Brand Experience at YogaClub, was brought on to the team to manage content, the brand ambassadors, and the brand’s influencer marketing program. Because e managing influencer relationships requires an endless amount of touchpoints to ensure that everyone is on the same page, Lindsay found it difficult to take the time to manage her other responsibilities, including managing the YogaClub website, social media, and blog.

Lindsay was also struggling to source enough content for her email marketing and acquisition teams. Lindsay previously organized a photo shoot in Las Vegas with a handful of brand ambassadors. The shoot was expensive and time-consuming to plan and execute, and despite all of their hard work, the team was only able to use a few images from the shoot. Because the photoshoot took place in one park, with the same set of women, all the pictures naturally looked very similar.

At this point, Lindsay went on the hunt to find a solution that could streamline the influencer marketing process while helping her scale up content generation. Lindsay knew that influencer content performed well on their digital marketing channels. But without the proper tools to streamline her process, there was no way she could scale her efforts without neglecting her other tasks at the company. That was when she found Aspire.


When looking for influencers to partner with, the two things that Lindsay looks for is quality of content and intent. In addition to advanced search capabilities, Aspire allows influencers to find YogaClub in the brand marketplace. This means that the influencers who apply to work with YogaClub already buy into the brand. Lindsay can then quickly go through all of her collaboration proposals and scan each influencer’s content, social performance, and audience demographics, not only saving her time but ensuring that each influencer she works with creates content that is high-quality and on-brand.

Once Lindsay has found the perfect influencer, Aspire automatically moves each influencer through the collaboration process from start to finish, so she no longer has to worry about who has received payment, who hasn’t posted, and who needs their content reviewed. And because contracts are baked into the product, Lindsay easily obtains usage rights to each piece of content.

Lindsay also loves that Aspire allows her to stay organized by creating groups of influencers. Lindsay has a group for YouTubers, another for Instagram, and another for contributors to the YogaClub blog. She can then bulk message her groups or set up auto messages that follow up regarding deadlines or changes to the campaign. This makes for virtually effortless management of influencer relationships.

Lindsay uses Aspire’s content Llbrary, a collection of all of the images and video she has sourced from influencers, as a central place to curate and share content with her team. Each image is automatically tagged, categorized, and synced with Google Drive, making it easy for everyone to find exactly the image they are looking for through a quick search with keywords, such as “beach,” or by dragging an image they like into the search bar.


Since onboarding Aspire, Lindsay has been able to partner with hundreds of high-quality influencers in half the time it took her to do the work on her own. She no longer has to worry about due dates, contracts, managing relationships, and gaining content approval rights because Aspire automatically moves each influencer through the collaboration process. To date, Lindsay has sourced over 900 pieces of content that she has repurposed on paid ads, their website, email newsletters, social media, and more.

Lindsay no longer creates content in-house. YogaClub relies on influencers to provide them with all of the content they need because it is less expensive, more diverse, and easier to scale. Not to mention, the brand’s audience resonates more with influencer content because it seems more authentic and is optimized for social media, unlike brand-directed content.

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