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How Zumba streamlined its influencer marketing program with Aspire

Learn how Zumba leverages Aspire to find the perfect influencers to reach each of their target customer demographics.
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Impact Value Dashboard
Aspire returns to us with a list of recommended creators for each new campaign. I give my input, and then they do the outreach and direct communication. Half the time, I don’t have to step in at all – the process just unfolds so smoothly in front of my eyes.
Idelis Martinez
Senior Social Media Manager at Zumba

Available in 180 countries at 200k+ locations, Zumba is the workout class for anyone obsessed with feeling their best. Millions use their dance classes to listen to great music, spend time with lovely people, and get in a block of serious exercise – without making exercise feel like a chore.

Zumba needed content for multiple demographics 

After building out their brick-and-mortar locations, Zumba needed to boost class attendance. That meant they needed to launch a serious, multifaceted outreach program to inspire people to show up in person. However, doing so proved complex. 

They had several target audiences (Zumba prides itself on offering classes for everyone and everybody), so they needed access to influencers from every demographic. They wanted creators who could speak to postpartum moms, children, adults aged 45-60, and several other demographics. 

When they discovered Aspire, Zumba knew the platform held the key to boosting class attendance.


Aspire quickly addressed Zumba’s influencer needs across every demographic. Over the years, they’ve discovered fascinating, unexpected creators together — from a Pentatonix singer to a High School Musical actor. Here are the benefits Zumba has gained from Aspire so far:

Benefit #1: White glove customer support and guidance 

Idelis Martinez, Social Media Specialist at Zumba, explains that whenever she needs to work with a new creator, she emails Aspire with her specifications and receives a prompt response. 

Simply put, the Aspire team does all of the heavy lifting. Idelis can green, yellow, or red light influencer options, and then Aspire handles outreach and communications. That includes negotiations with creators and setting up contracts.   

Aspire also hosts monthly meetings to discuss new campaign options with the Zumba team.

Benefit #2: Useful data + analytics, run on Zumba’s behalf

Zumba finds the right matches thanks to Aspire’s Impact Value Dashboard. Idelis notes that this service eliminates significant work for their team because Aspire runs the data portion end-to-end. It’s easy for Zumba to see which creators connected with the desired audiences and whether the content influences people to attend class. This is particularly important due to Zumba’s scale – content from 11 influencers reached over 1 million potential followers. 

“Aspire interfaces with us and potential creators and furnishes us with the data we need, saving us serious time and finding us the right connections that otherwise would’ve been like needles in a haystack.”


Zumba reached 1M+ followers thanks to 11 Aspire-powered partnerships

With six years of partnership under their belts, Aspire has significantly increased Zumba’s reach. This includes:

  • 1M+ followers reached
  • 11 influencer partnerships for video content

Idelis says Zumba is excited to continue its well-oiled partnership with Aspire. They’ve streamlined their entire influencer marketing program, and it keeps getting better. As Zumba continues to grow and expand its outreach, they’re confident that Aspire will provide them with the right creators for each message. 

“We have a really good relationship with Aspire. They're very easy to give prompts or questions to, and then they'll execute them accordingly. They typically get us people who work well with the brand, and since we have a review process with them, we always know that they’ll match us with the type of person we want to work with.”

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