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3 Food & Beverage Brands With Mouth-Watering Influencer Marketing Strategies

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Whether it’s your health-conscious sister looking for a vegan recipe or your indecisive girlfriend looking for some inspiration for her next meal, social media is the perfect place to get a much-needed dose of #foodporn. In fact, 82% of millennials look online to plan their next meal.

With over 295 million Instagram posts with the #food, it’s no surprise that food and beverage brands are getting their products in front of the highly-engaged online “foodie” community by partnering with influencers.

In this 4-part series, we’ll be exploring influencer marketing strategies for food and beverage brands specifically. In part one, which you can read here we outlined seven influencer marketing best practices that we’ve observed from successful food and beverage brands.

Today, in part two, we’ll be digging deeper into the influencer marketing strategies of three successful food and beverage brands.

Bare Snacks

TL:DR Bare Snacks works with high-quality foodie and mommy bloggers to create engaging content that highlights recipes and real-life scenarios.

Bare Snacks is the perfect example of a snack brand that goes above and beyod so consumers know that they are much more than a bag of chips.

Bare Snacks works with high-quality foodie influencers who post creative recipes on Instagram and their blogs that the brand then showcases on their own social media. The brand takes it a step further by featuring these beautifully displayed recipes on their website to increase engagement even further (see image above).

Bare Snacks also relates to real people by partnering with mommy bloggers to create fun and authentic Instagram Stories featuring their children with the goal of showing that their snacks are both mommy-and child-approved.


TL:DR Freshly partners with a diverse range of influencers – from busy moms, students, and young professionals – who post fun and authentic unboxing-style Instagram stories, YouTube videos, and Instagram pictures.

Authenticity is the key to sucess for Freshly. The brand offers chef-made and never-frozen meals delivered to your door. Because the meal delivery service industry is so saturated, Freshly knew they had to come up with an amazing influencer strategy to stand out from their competition. Since partnering with AspireIQ, the brand has sourced over 1,000 pieces of influencer content which act as testimonials from real customers that they repurpose on their social media and website.

For example, this YouTube video called “A day in the life of a stay at home mom” resonated so much with other mothers that it resulted in over 1500 clicks to Freshly's website!

But Freshly, doesn't just work with mommy influencers, the brand works with a variety of influencers, from families with kids, couples, health & wellness influencers, or people just looking to save some time in their day by cutting out meal preparation. Because the brand’s content is so diverse, they are able to hyper-target many different customer bases with personalized content that resonates with them on an individual level.

Freshly also gives influencers coupon codes that they promote along with fun and engaging Instagram stories, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts of customers unboxing and enjoying their meals. Coupon codes are a great way to incentivize an audience to try your product, especially when it comes to subscriptions. This combined with the authentic content results in the perfect recipe for success.


TL:DR: Zevia’s timing is perfect. They partner with influencers to create seasonal recipes that they can then repurpose on their website and social media for a boost in engagement.

Zevia is a healthy alternative to soda. The key to their influencer marketing success is high quality, aspirational content, and timing.

Zevia partners with foodies who create seasonal drink recipes that the brand then features on their website. For example, this dairy-free pumpkin ginger root beer float recipe from @thewoodenskillet is the perfect fall treat and was definitely a fan favorite on Zevia's Instagram. 

But Zevia doesn't limit themeselves to just food-focused influencers, the brand also partners with fashion influencers, mommy bloggers, and lifestlye influences with the goal of spreading brand awarness to a wide variety of consumers. These type of influencers have the ability to bring Zevia drinks to life in a way that the generally heavily-staged content that foodie influencers create, cannot.

In part 3 of this series, we’ll tell you everything you need to know when it comes to successfully working with foodie influencers. Read it here!

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