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How Aspire's Agency Drives Growth for the World’s Leading Brands

Trusted by the world’s leading brands, Aspire’s Agency Services team has helped hundreds of brands transform their influencer programs, launch innovative campaigns, and supercharge ROI. Take a look at some of our favorite campaigns.
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In the past, we’ve talked about the benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency — but the truth is, not all agencies are made equal. Platform-backed agencies like Aspire’s Agency Services always come out on top, combining 10+ years of industry knowledge and expertise, with a dynamic software ecosystem that stores, manages, and tracks every part of your program processes — all in one place. 

Trusted by the world’s leading brands, Aspire’s Agency Services team has helped hundreds of brands transform their influencer programs, launch innovative campaigns, and supercharge ROI. Take a look at some of our favorite campaigns.


As you may already know, there’s massive potential around tapping into the excitement around the holidays — but this isn’t just true for holidays like Black Friday and Christmas. To promote its direct-to-consumer customized M&M’s products, the Mars brand worked with Aspire’s Agency Services team to launch a Mother’s Day campaign that truly moved the needle.

With the help of our team, M&M’s achieved these astounding results

  • 29% increase in engagement rate YoY for influencer program 
  • Most successful Mother’s Day season at M&M’S 
  • Saved 35-40 hours per month, thanks to Aspire handling all logistical details

Our Agency team identified Mother’s Day as the perfect target window for the customized M&M’s campaign, as personalized gifts are in high demand around the holiday. So, to promote awareness around the customizable products and drive traffic to the M&M’S website, our Agency planned a two-pronged campaign that involved working with a mix of paid and seeded creators, allocating 40% of the brand’s budget to paid creators and 60% to product seeding creators.

Within five weeks, our Agency team built relationships with creators, who could share their personalized M&M’S paired with heartfelt Mother’s Day stories in high-quality, engaging content.

After seeing the success of the Mother’s Day campaign, the M&M’S team plans to run similar campaigns for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and explore partnerships with major sports associations like the MLB for future campaigns — and our Agency Services team will continue driving awareness and conversions across different audiences for each new campaign.

Hero Bread

While it’s a relatively new brand, Hero Bread — backed by high-profile investors like Kevin Durant, Tom Brady, and The Weeknd — is already making a huge splash in the health food market, recently launching its flagship low-carb bread alternative in stores nationwide. The brand has always been a staple within the tight-knit keto community since launching, but to expand its market share beyond niche health shoppers, Hero Bread enlisted the help of Aspire’s Agency Services team.

With the help of our team, Hero Bread achieved these astounding results:

  • Save $25K
  • Boost ROAS by 2x 
  • Increase AOV by 8%

In the past, Hero Bread found it difficult to scale their affiliate program, as it was complicated to create and attribute promo codes and links. Inevitably, the brand wasn’t seeing great results for the amount of time and money they were investing into the program. Fortunately, they decided to give it another shot with the help of Aspire’s Agency Services team, who provided strategic expertise paired with our end-to-end influencer marketing technology.

Our Agency team used the following strategies to help drive sales:

  • Find creators, including nano and micro-influencers, who create content that aligns with Hero Bread’s aesthetic 
  • Customize application pages to find influencers who are true brand fans and can tell Hero’s story authentically 
  • Ensure that creators submit raw and final files that can be edited by the team and optimized for paid placements before launching them as ad units 
  • Ask content creators to show off the product within the first 3 seconds of a video, keep the videos around 30s, and use text overlays wherever possible

With Aspire’s Agency Services, Hero Bread’s affiliate program was made into a scalable, cost-effective channel that empowered the brand to increase its ROAS and cut costs, all while also boosting brand awareness and engagement. 

WE tv

WE tv, AMC Networks’ lifestyle and entertainment brand, needed a way to build an engaged community of viewers, even between seasons of shows. So, the brand enlisted the help of Aspire’s Agency Services team to create a long-term solution that could increase engagement across the WE tv community. 

With the help of our team, WE tv achieved these astounding results: 

  • 6.1M impressions
  • $1.4M earned media value 
  • 681% program ROI

So, how did they do it? Leveraging Aspire’s platform to dive deeper into geographics, follower authenticity, and engagement metrics, our Agency vetted, selected, and communicated with as many as 20 creators on a given series campaign. These creators were already fans of the network and WE tv shows, making them the best conversation starters within the brand community.

For instance, to promote an upcoming season of Hustle and Soul, Growing Up Hip Hop, and Braxton Family Values, WE tv worked with two influencers, @nnennab and @nneunfiltered, to create hilarious reenactment videos of the promo videos for each show. In just a matter of days, the reenactment videos had well over half a million views and tens of thousands of likes and comments on the post, outperforming all of the other creative assets during the campaign. 

Our Agency also helped WE tv monitor real-time campaign analytics and conversations between influencers and their audiences to gain insights into which storylines resonate the best, who the favorite cast members are, and so on — allowing the network to make data-informed decisions for future campaigns.

Interstate Batteries

Prior to Aspire, Interstate Batteries ran traditional paid ad campaigns on social media that didn’t involve influencers. When the creative didn’t resonate as strongly with a younger demographic, the brand chose to work with Aspire’s Agency Services team to launch an innovative influencer marketing campaign that could help them reach and engage new audiences. 

With the help of our team, Interstate Batteries achieved these astounding results:

  • 30K clicks
  • 5.3M impressions
  • 300K engagements

It all started with activating niche influencers. Unlike beauty or health, finding influencers that made sense for Interstate Batteries took some creativity. Fortunately, our Agency Services team was able to find and connect with creators from vastly different categories — from van lifers to recreational fishermen — and gave each of them the flexibility to create content that played to their strengths, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all approach.

When the organic campaign generated astounding results, the team turned the influencer content into Instagram Partnership Ads and paid TikTok ads, with the latter surpassing industry benchmarks by 182% in engagement rate. Plus, using Aspire’s sales tracking links, the team saw that over 30K people used influencer links to visit their website and find an Interstate Batteries retailer near them.

For Kelly Cunningham, Brand Content and Social Media Manager at Interstate Batteries, Aspire’s Agency Services team empowered her to prove the success of influencer marketing to her leadership team, allowing her to secure a higher budget for future campaigns to scale their program and increase the volume of assets produced. 

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes, the award-winning ebike brand, worked with Aspire’s Agency Services team to launch a campaign that activated their community of loyal customers. With the help of our team, Rad Power Bikes achieved a whopping 561% increase in ROI

The key to success was an innovative campaign uplifting loyal customers and turning them into brand ambassadors — despite them lacking traditional influencer backgrounds — to spark organic conversation and capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing. 

To build even more positive goodwill around the brand, our Agency team planned a surprise-and-delight campaign, gifting accessories and other small add-ons to Rad Power Bikes’ new cohort of first-time ambassadors. The Agency Services team facilitated the gifting campaign, even offering some customers a discount on their service fees, which elevated the Rad Power Bikes customer experience and boosted brand loyalty.

As a result, the team was able to not only take their customer relationships to the next level and establish trust within their tight-knit networks, but also drive millions of impressions and generate an impressive number of conversions in just 5 months, leading to an astounding 561% increase in ROI.

Learn more about how our Agency drives impact for the world’s leading brands in our guide, How to Scale Enterprise Influencer Marketing.

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