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Meet the Team: Aspire’s Agency Services

Like a true extension of your team, Aspire's Agency provides full-service influencer marketing agency services, backed by our end-to-end platform.
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Here’s some little-known history about Aspire: when we launched our pioneering influencer marketing platform back in 2013, we also enlisted the best-of-the-best influencer marketers to join our in-house team of experts who could build and execute impactful campaigns for our customers. Ten years and hundreds of campaigns later, Aspire’s Agency Services team has become a trusted influencer marketing powerhouse that consistently drives impressive results for the world’s most sophisticated enterprise brands and DTC businesses. 

Today, we want to highlight our amazing Agency Services team and their achievements. Keep reading to learn more about the team.

Who is Aspire’s Agency Services?

Aspire’s Agency Services team provides you with full influencer marketing agency services, all backed by our end-to-end influencer marketing platform. Equipped with our ever-evolving platform, our talented in-house team can run every aspect of your influencer program - from strategy and creative ideation to execution. 

Quick stats:

Here are just some of the wins our Agency team has achieved for our brands:

  • 1M+ creators outreached
  • 600K+ collaborations managed
  • 500+ projects completed
  • $100M+ paid out to creators
  • 630k+ pieces of content created in 2023 alone

What’s different about Aspire’s Agency Services?

There are many benefits of working with our platform-backed agency, when compared to working with traditional influencer marketing agencies. 

  • Technology: Because our Agency leverages the Aspire platform, we’re able to drive efficiencies in ways that traditional agencies cannot. We streamline each step of the process, send terms to hundreds of creators with the click of a button, and get your program live quicker. Should you ever want to take over the program, you’ll have all of your data in one place, making the transition smooth and painless. 
  • Transparency: Unlike many agencies, we give you full transparency into all aspects of our work, from how much we pay creators to how much we charge for our Agency Services. We never take a % from the creator budget and are incentivized to get our clients the most bang for their buck. In addition, our clients have 24/7 transparency into campaign performance through access to our analytics dashboard.
  • Partnerships and integrations: Aspire is the only platform that integrates with Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest. We have extensive partnerships with all three, allowing us to be the first to build new integrations with each social platform and to be early adopters to industry trends. 
  • Variety of offerings: Since every campaign is unique, we offer custom, turnkey, á la carte, and hybrid packages to support your unique needs and goals across the entire influencer campaign lifecycle. You can choose to work with us at varying degrees, from full campaign management to creator sourcing for events. 
  • History and depth: Because our Agency Services team launched alongside our platform in 2013, we have ten years of historical knowledge and experience managing all kinds of campaigns, from long-term ambassador programs to sales-driving affiliate programs. In fact, we’ve helped over 400 brands run more than 500 campaigns over the last decade. 
  • Diversity of customers: Our Agency has experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from global Fortune 500s to fast-growing ecommerce brands. Through these relationships, we’ve developed a wealth of knowledge operating in all kinds of industries — from saturated markets like beauty and fashion, to more niche spaces like tech and subscription services. 

What kind of results have brands achieved with Aspire’s Agency Services?

Trusted by the world’s leading brands, Aspire’s Agency Services team has helped hundreds of brands transform their influencer programs, launch innovative campaigns, and supercharge ROI. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our favorite campaigns.

WE tv

WE tv, AMC Networks’ lifestyle and entertainment brand, needed a way to build an engaged community of viewers, even between seasons of shows. So, the brand enlisted the help of Aspire’s Agency Services team to create a long-term solution that could increase engagement across the WE tv community. 

With the help of our team, WE tv achieved: 

  • 6.1M impressions
  • $1.4M earned media value 
  • 681% program ROI

So, how did they do it? Leveraging Aspire’s platform to dive deeper into geographics, follower authenticity, and engagement metrics, our Agency vetted, selected, and communicated with as many as 20 creators on a given series campaign. These creators were already fans of the network and WE tv shows, making them the best conversation starters within the brand community.

For instance, to promote an upcoming season of Hustle and Soul, Growing Up Hip Hop, and Braxton Family Values, WE tv worked with two influencers, @nnennab and @nneunfiltered, to create hilarious reenactment videos of the promo videos for each show. In just a matter of days, the reenactment videos had well over half a million views and tens of thousands of likes and comments on the post, outperforming all of the other creative assets during the campaign.

Our Agency also helped WE tv monitor real-time campaign analytics and conversations between influencers and their audiences to gain insights into which storylines resonate the best, who the favorite cast members are, and so on — allowing the network to make data-informed decisions for future campaigns.

Hear directly from Brian Tyrseck, Director of Marketing at WE tv, on the brand’s experience working with our Agency team.

Interstate Batteries 

Prior to Aspire, Interstate Batteries ran traditional paid ad campaigns on social media that didn’t involve influencers. When the creative didn’t resonate as strongly with a younger demographic, the brand chose to work with Aspire’s Agency Services team to launch an innovative influencer marketing campaign that could help them reach and engage new audiences. 

With the help of our team, Interstate Batteries achieved:

  • 30K clicks
  • 5.3M impressions
  • 300K engagements

It all started with activating niche influencers. Unlike beauty or health, finding influencers that made sense for Interstate Batteries took some creativity. Fortunately, our Agency Services team was able to find and connect with creators from vastly different categories — from van lifers to recreational fishermen — and gave each of them the flexibility to create content that played to their strengths, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all approach.

When the organic campaign generated astounding results, the team turned the influencer content into Instagram Partnership Ads and paid TikTok ads, with the latter surpassing industry benchmarks by 182% in engagement rate. Plus, using Aspire’s sales tracking links, the team saw that over 30K people used influencer links to visit their website and find an Interstate Batteries retailer near them.

For Kelly Cunningham, Brand Content and Social Media Manager at Interstate Batteries, Aspire’s Agency Services team empowered her to prove the success of influencer marketing to her leadership team, allowing her to secure a higher budget for future campaigns to scale their program and increase the volume of assets produced. 

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes, the award-winning ebike brand, worked with Aspire’s Agency Services team to launch a campaign that activated their community of loyal customers. With the help of our team, Rad Power Bikes achieved a whopping 561% increase in ROI

The key to success was an innovative campaign uplifting loyal customers and turning them into brand ambassadors — despite them lacking traditional influencer backgrounds — to spark organic conversation and capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing. 

To build even more positive goodwill around the brand, our Agency team planned a surprise-and-delight campaign, gifting accessories and other small add-ons to Rad Power Bikes’ new cohort of first-time ambassadors. The Agency Services team facilitated the gifting campaign, even offering some customers a discount on their service fees, which elevated the Rad Power Bikes customer experience and boosted brand loyalty.

As a result, the team was able to not only take their customer relationships to the next level and establish trust within their tight-knit networks, but also drive millions of impressions and generate an impressive number of conversions in just 5 months, leading to an astounding 561% increase in ROI.

A true extension of your team

With comprehensive data and a decade’s worth of experience under our belts, Aspire’s Agency Services offers reliable support, flexibility, and scalability to level up your influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in working with our Agency, get in touch with us.

If you want to learn more about how our Agency has helped support enterprise influencer programs, download our guide, How to Scale Enterprise Influencer Marketing.

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