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Aspire's Q3 Product Wrap-Up

Over the last few months, our team has been hard at work unlocking new ways to scale your influencer marketing program. In case you missed it, here are the new and improved features you can find on Aspire.
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Happy October! Over the last few months, our team has been hard at work unlocking new ways to scale influencer discovery, streamline your workflow, and measure the true impact of your programs. In case you missed it, here are the new and improved features you can find on Aspire. 

Discovering the right creators

The success of your campaign can really depend on who you choose to work with. The more aligned you are with your influencers, the better response you’ll get from your target audience. The good news is that connecting with the right creators just got easier with our latest features:

  • Expanded Creator Marketplace: We recently opened up access to our Creator Marketplace to over a million new creators, which means that brands can source from a more diverse talent pool. The world’s largest creator marketplace just got even larger!
  • Improved creator search filters: New creator search filters for Instagram allow you to exclude existing creators and previously rejected applicants.

Building creator relationships at scale

Reaching out to influencers and managing collaborations can be a tedious process. To make the process of engaging with creators easy and seamless, we’ve focused on making communication through Aspire cleaner and simpler with these features: 

  • Project improvements: Simpler stage navigation and increased visibility across all stages for any member makes human connection at scale actually possible.
  • Member details improvements: New updates allow you to engage with your creators directly within the member details view through messaging and progress tracking.
  • Offline product fulfillment: Our new Product Request Form allows you to conveniently capture a list of your product(s), as well as key info like creator shipping addresses, which can all be downloaded as a CSV file to fulfill outside of Aspire. Additionally, brands have the option to track orders and monitor product costs after shipping. 
  • A more efficient inbox: Removing clutter and simplifying our inbox helps creators and brands interact more efficiently. We’ve enhanced the ability to search and filter the inbox to allow our brands to navigate their inbox on Aspire more efficiently.
  • In-context payments: Solving a major customer pain point, you can now see all payment terms for members with the ‘Send Payment’ stage. Amount will be auto-filled if there is only one agreed upon amount. No more toggling back-and-forth and copying and pasting!
  • Bulk member reassignment: You can now bulk select members within a project and assign them to the appropriate user on your team. For example, if someone leaves your team, reassign their members to a new user.

Tracking full-funnel influencer marketing ROI

In the past, influencer marketing was notoriously difficult to tie back to business goals. Today, there are more tools to measure the full-funnel impact of your programs. From advanced ad integrations to in-depth affiliate tracking, here are some of our latest features to help you better measure ROI: 

  • Instagram Ads permissions: You’re now able to request a full suite of Instagram Ads permissions outside of the Terms process. 
  • TikTok Brand Mentions: Our first-party TikTok integration for Brand Mentions captures both organic mentions and Branded Content, so brands can take advantage of the video platform’s massive potential for viral moments.
  • Affiliate upleveling: Small fixes like the ability to edit offers, include multiple offers within one project, and set currency exchange, make a big difference when you’re working with thousands of creators. 

These features are available to all Aspire customers. Log in to your Aspire account to get started. 

Not on Aspire yet? Get in touch to see our platform in action.

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