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What's New at Aspire: Instagram Story Social Listening

We’re excited to unveil our new Instagram Story Social Listening feature, an Instagram API solution that will help capture and calculate Story mentions more accurately.
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One of the best ways to find the right influencers for your brand is through social listening

Social listening involves real-time monitoring of online conversations about your product or service, including when your brand is being mentioned online via social media tags and hashtags, reviews and testimonials, product demonstrations, and even when your brand makes the news. This makes it easy to find those who are already raving about your brand, enabling you to connect with well-aligned creators and run more authentic campaigns. 

While we already have a social listening tool integrated into our platform, capturing Instagram Story mentions of brands have always been more challenging — until now. We’re excited to unveil our new Instagram Story Social Listening feature, an Instagram API solution that will help capture and calculate Story mentions more accurately.  

What is Aspire’s Instagram Story Social Listening feature? 

A few months ago, we built Instagram Direct Messaging (IGDM) capabilities integrated directly into our platform leveraging Instagram’s Creator Marketplace APIs. Now, in addition to Direct Messaging capabilities, our IGDM integration solution will enable us to capture social mentions from all types of creators and provide estimated insights, such as potential reach and impressions, into brand mentions on Instagram Stories.

The new Social Listening tool will help brands track their social media performance, measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, and make informed decisions about their social media strategy and help better measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Available to all Aspire customers, our Instagram Story Social Listening feature is part of the IGDM setting. As long as your Instagram Direct Messaging is set up, your Instagram Story Social Listening feature will work as well.

Why is this important for brands?

While it’s possible to leverage free tools like Google Alerts for social listening, the process still requires manual monitoring and cherry-picking the mentions that are actually relevant to your brand. On the other hand, Aspire’s Social Listening tool brings you all relevant mentions not only to help you keep track of what consumers are saying about your brand, but also to find creators who are already brand fans, enabling you to run more authentic campaigns. 

For Rugs USA, Aspire’s social listening tool was a game changer. When the brand came out with a new product line with Arvin Olano, a well-known interior designer and content creator, there was a lot of excitement from Arvin’s followers, generating many organic posts and shares on social media. 

By using Aspire’s Social Listening tool, Rugs USA was able to track the success of their campaign to quantify and prove the value of their influencer marketing program to their leadership team. 

Not on Aspire yet? Book a demo to see how Instagram Story Social Listening works.

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