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How a product seeding campaign gave Rugs USA viral exposure in the interior design community
Key features used:
Social Listening
Creator Marketplace
Influencer CRM
It's amazing how much our program has grown in just a few months as we work with more partners and gain more visibility on social media. Being able to quantify the success of influencer marketing and gifting campaigns through Aspire’s different dashboards has helped us demonstrate value to leadership.
Lauren Rueter
Manager, Influencer and Community and Rugs USA

Rugs USA, a leading provider of high-quality home textiles, was searching for influencers to create compelling content for their website and social media platforms. 

Influencer Marketing Manager, Lauren Gill, faced the challenge of sifting through a large number of creators to find the right fit. While she had no shortage of creators interested in working with the brand, she struggled to identify the best partners for her upcoming campaigns. To make the process more efficient, Lauren turned to Aspire to help her source the perfect content creators to partner with to boost traffic and brand awareness. 


Creator marketplace

One of Lauren’s main goals was to promote Rugs USA's new seasonal campaigns. Aspire's Creator Marketplace helped her put together the perfect group of influencers who could resonate with audiences in her target market. She was able to quickly connect with creators in specific niches, like mom bloggers and pet owners with an eye for interior design, and onboard them just in time for the season. 

Had she not used Aspire's Creator Marketplace, Lauren would have spent at least a week of her time sourcing leads and assembling a roster for the campaign. However, with Aspire's help, she received over 200 qualified applications in just a couple of days. The platform streamlined the process of launching an influencer marketing program and ensured that the campaign ran smoothly, resulting in quality content that got a significant amount of impressions for Rugs USA.

Social listening

Rugs USA came out with a new product line with Arvin Olano, a well-known interior designer and content creator, and partnered with creators for a highly successful product seeding partnership. Lauren utilized Aspire's CRM to onboard creators and track content performance through the platform. What was unique about this partnership was that although no content was required, the excitement surrounding the campaign was enough to generate impressions and engagement from followers who were eager to share the news. 

By using Aspire's social listening tools, the team was able to track the success of the campaign and gain a better understanding of the share of voice and impressions generated from the collaboration. Aspire's social listening feature helped Rugs USA quantify and prove the value of their influencer marketing program to leadership.


Because Aspire enabled Lauren to quickly spin up campaigns, measure their performance, and iterate quickly, she’s been able to see impressive results and make a strong business case for influencer marketing to her organization. 

As Rugs USA scales their influencer marketing program using Aspire, they’ve been able to create 2,700+ sponsored posts on social media. These campaigns have had a massive reach, gaining over 40M impressions. 

Learn more about running product seeding campaigns with Aspire or check out our full suite of influencer marketing tools by booking a demo today

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