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List your campaign on Aspire’s unique Creator Marketplace and watch high-quality influencers apply to be part of your campaign.
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Post your campaign on Aspire's creator marketplace to receive inbound interest from creators
Inbound Applications

Forever Free Inbound Interest

Aspire’s Creator Marketplace allows creators, influencers, affiliates to raise their hand and apply to work with your brand. No fees or commission taken–ever.
    Browsing campaigns on Aspire's creator marketplace
    Always On

    Save Time on Sourcing

    Publish your campaign on a Friday afternoon, and come back on Monday morning with hundreds of applications to review. It’s one of the most beloved tools we’ve built to save marketers time on sourcing new partners.

      Use Aspire's filter and search features to find the perfect creator for your campaign
      Diverse Voices

      A Talent Roster with Depth

      Experience the magic of your brand story being told by true creative geniuses. With award-winning digital illustrators, athletes, musicians, parents, and photographers, our Creator Marketplace is a hub of untapped talent.
        Aspire pulls creator data to make finding the right influencers easier
        Two Avenues to Find Influencers

        Don’t Be Limited By Outbound Search

        If you’re only searching outbound for influencers, your influencer platform is stuck in 2015. Tap into the exponential power of Aspire’s data-rich Influencer Search Engine plus free inbound interest from our Creator Marketplace.
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          Scale Your Campaigns

          Your Must Have Tool for E-Commerce

          Without Marketplace, your campaigns are limited by your ability to spend hours searching for influencers. Accelerate true scale and receive hundreds of proposals from genuine fans, like influencers, ambassadors, and industry experts…on autopilot.

            Lauren Gill Headshot

            “When it comes to holiday campaigns like Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July, we used to have to manually invite influencers to participate in our tentpole events. But now, with the Creator Marketplace, it's so much easier to cast a wider net and work with a ton of different creators. For example, during our Black Friday sale, we had over 200 applicants in the first two days because influencers were excited to work with us through the platform.”

            Lauren Gill
            Influencer Marketing Manager


            1. Does Aspire take any fees or commissions?
            Never. Our marketplace is entirely free for Aspire customers, and all payments go fully to creators.
            2. Is Aspire an opt-in network?

            No! Marketplace creators have raised their hand as a high ROI performer, allowing us access to their data. Then, Aspire utilizes proprietary tools to vet them for engagement and authenticity. In addition to Creator Marketplace, you also have free access to our Influencer Search Engine that automatically pulls in the worlds top creators across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & more.

            3. Do other influencer marketing platforms offer marketplaces?
            They don’t! While other platforms only offer outbound search, Aspire is the only influencer marketing platform that has both an Influencer Search Engine and a Creator Marketplace.
            4. Can other brands see the creators involved in my campaigns?

            Nope! If you import a current customer list, those influencers remain private and will NEVER be shared in the Creator Marketplace to other brands.

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