Influencer Marketing for CMOs

Why are brands turning to creators?

Over the last decade, social media ads have been bread and butter for most consumer brands. But as ad costs rise, innovative CMOs are turning to creators to reduce CAC, increase ROAS, and amplify full funnel performance from awareness to conversion. Today’s influencer marketing is about more than just awareness and impressions, it’s about driving customer acquisition and social commerce.
of people trust UGC
over branded content
of people buy based on  recommendations
Increase in paid ad CPMs
over the last year

How working with creators reduces your customer acquisition costs

A diversified ad channel 
Long gone are the days where you partner with a creator for one piece of content. You can now request advertiser access for creator accounts to run ads through their profile, this is possible on Meta and TikTok. 
Reduced content costs
Creators have a lower cost of content production and can move much more quickly, often taking on planning, recording, editing, and posting the content themselves.
Gen-Z loves UGC
You just have to Google Gen-Z and UGC to see the hundreds of stats around how much our digitally native generation connects to user generated content. 84% of them trust brands with real customers in their ads and they are also more connected to influencers who post authentic user-generated content. 

Aspire for Marketing Leaders

Real time ROI dashboards

Impact at a glance

We know influencer marketing gets results. From CPA to ROAS, quickly access all of your most important campaign metrics in real time. Even better? Capture the results for your top team and let the ROI speak for itself. 
Aspire Impact Dashboard
Workflows for any strategy 

Tailor your campaigns

Influencer marketing strategies to meet every marketing objective. From ambassador to affiliate and product seeding, easily drum up custom campaigns to meet your short and long term marketing goals. 
Aspire Affiliate Tracking Feature
From awareness to growth

Built for the entire marketing team

Your brand team can find new creators who will drive awareness and shape brand perceptions, while your performance marketers can run Branded Content Ads through Meta and source authentic content to reduce CAC and increase ROAS.
Aspire Branded Content Ads Functionality

Features loved by CMOs

Live Reporting Dashboards

Monitor influencer marketing campaigns real time and capture results for reports to present back to your board. 

Flexible Workflows

Create workflows for any campaign strategy from sponsored posts to affiliate campaigns to product seeding. Make your marketing team more efficient.

Strategic Insights

Learn more about your audiences with first-party data from the world’s top social media platforms. 

Marketing Integrations

Integrations with your must-have tech tools help keep your influencer campaigns running smoothly.