How To Run a Successful Product Seeding Campaign

Discover how thousands of brands are growing with social commerce.Product seeding (aka product gifting) can be an effective strategy for brand growth if done right. Scroll to learn how.
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What is influencer product seeding?
Product seeding, also known as product gifting, is when brands send free products to creators, affiliates or customers with the intention of building relationships or getting product feedback. There is no obligation for the influencer to post (unless you have a very high-price point product). The goal of his commitment-free gift should be for creators to try your product and build a relationship. If they love your product and feel compelled to talk about it, that’s a bonus.
How Outer’s Product Gifting Campaign Turned Into An Authentic Community Building Initiative.

Grow Your Brand Through Gifting

Here are the top 4 ways to use product seeding to grow your business:

Create New Partnerships

Open the door to long-term partnerships with new creators by asking them to try out your products.

Nurture Relationships

Allow existing influencer partners to be the first to try your new products, or send them their favorite product on their birthdays.

Gain Product Feedback

Launching a new product? Get real feedback from creators, customers, and other influential partners.

Website Product Reviews

Gift your top customers products in exchange for reviews you can use on your website.

Affiliate Marketing Features

Aspire's creator search feature
Step 1

Find & Contact The Right Creators, at Scale

Connect with creators who match your target market  and ask them to test your product. Share your campaign landing page in our Creator Marketplace and receive inbound applications from creators who have signed up to Aspire.
    Creating a custom workflow on Aspire
    Step 2

    Never Miss a Task

    Once creators agree to receive your product, create a custom campaign workflow designed to track every step in the product seeding process. Use our Product Seeding Workflow template or design your own to fit your unique needs.
      Connecting eCommcerce platform to Aspire account
      Step 3

      Easily Send & Track Products

      Reduce manual processes. Connect your ecommerce platform to easily send products, track shipments, and update creators on the progress of their product.
        Email top performing creators directly through Aspire
        Step 4

        Extend the Partnership

        Invite those who love your products to be part of a long-term ambassador campaign. Seamlessly move them into your Ambassador Campaign workflow without getting lost in the chaos of emails and spreadsheets.
          Using Aspire to reactivate top performing content
          Step 5

          Measure Program Success

          While most seeding programs will be focused on brand awareness (which you can keep an eye on in your Google analytics or other tracking systems), you can also use our social listening tool to track any organic content posted by creators.  
            Jessica Selfridge headshot
            SKINN Cosmetics

            Aspire helped us scale by a level of automation – but on the flip side – it has also helped us develop more genuine relationships. It gives us the ability to organize and keep track of these relationships so we can scale while still maintaining the ability to be personal and human.

            Jessica Selfridge
            Social Media, Brand, & Influencer Partnerships Specialist
            How SKINN stretched its budget further with influencer product seeding on Aspire

            Tools To Take Your Product Seeding Campaign To The Next Level

            Product Fulfillment

            Connect Shopify to easily send products, track shipments, and update influencers on the progress of their product.

            Influencer Search

            Search millions of influencers across Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook.

            Creator Marketplace

            Share your campaign in our marketplace and see hundred of creators reach out to you.

            Communication Tools

            Connect your Gmail or Outlook so you can automate transactional emails.

            Ecommerce Integrations

            Connect Shopify or WooCommerce find top customers and ask them to review products.

            Project Management

            Stay on top of your to-do list by creating a product seeding campaign workflow of your tasks.